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Hi, my name is Benjamin and this is why Palestinians have to die.*

Hi, my name is Benjamin and I am a political bruiser. Israeli politics are tough and I am the toughest of the tough. Don’t get me wrong: I am a nice guy, but you have to be tough to survive. 713 more words


The children of Gaza

Viral Video: Channel 4 anchor Jon Snow reveals the truth about Gaza


U.S.-Israeli tensions rise as hostilities in Gaza subside

An Israeli official said the army hoped the widespread desolation would persuade Gazans to put pressure on Hamas to stop the fighting for fear of yet more devastation. 59 more words

Israel Palestine

Gaza: the permanent war - IX

Is Israel committing war crimes in Gaza? The mountains of press reports and accounts aside, the above photo alone would suggest that it is indeed. When one razes with bombs an entire, densely populated section of town—no matter how many rockets may or may not have been fired from there (and I personally will not take the IDF’s claims on this at face value)—, one may charitably say that it was done with wanton disregard for civilian casualties (of which there were, in Shuja’iyya, a few hundred). 940 more words


Israel's Control of Palestinian Lives

The Guardian / By Sami Abdel-Shafi

My pet cat here in Gaza has more freedom than the Palestinians, such is the subhuman treatment meted out to them. 736 more words


Israel-Palestine: What is to be done?

The Israeli and Palestinian conflict has begun to boil in recent weeks as more direct and severe military action takes place. Could this be /the/ tipping point or just another surge in what seems the eternal struggle between the two? 361 more words


I stand with Gaza (and get called a terrorist)

Yesterday’s demonstration against Israel’s attacks on Gaza was the third organised in Southampton this month.

The main organisers, Students for Palestine and The Grass Roots Muslim Movement, planned for everyone to assemble opposite the War Memorial in Southampton City Centre before heading to the BBC offices and West Quay.   450 more words