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Vanishing Palestine

The images that Bethlehem often conjures in our popular imagination, is far removed from the reality of a city under Israeli occupation. I have recently returned to Bethlehem, Palestine, where the obstacles to a peaceful resolution in the region are patently clear. 499 more words

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Bennett to U.S.: Jewish nation-state bill is our affair, don’t intervene

After U.S. State Department urges Israel to ‘stick to its democratic principles,’ right-wing politicians lash back.

“I say to the Americans that the affairs of the State of Israel – we will manage ,” Bennett told Army Radio, according to  378 more words

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Women’s group riding peace train to Gaza border

New women’s peace movement wants to take peacemaking out of the hands of politicians. ‘Fifty one percent of the population cannot accept a situation where they have no political say.’

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Time running short to rebuild Gaza: EU representative


(Reuters) – Time is running out to get post-war reconstruction going in Gaza, which needs not only cement and bricks but also fundamental political change, the EU’s representative said during a visit to the enclave on Wednesday. 367 more words

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Sisi offers to send troops to future Palestinian state to 'reassure Israelis'

AlAkhbar-Egypt is prepared to send troops to a future Palestinian state to help stabilize it, Egyptian president said Sunday, as the country’s authorities try to work out a solution for Palestinians stranded on the border with Gaza. 209 more words

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Jerusalem has many reasons for unrest, not just Al-Aqsa

In pictures: Palestinian life in East Jerusalem

A religious war? This explanation for the clashes and attacks in the capital ignores the facts that make Palestinian life there unbearable. 980 more words

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At Twersky Shiva, Glimmer of Hope

By Elisheva Goldberg

Forward-His name was Ibrahaim Wassim, and he had come to pay his respects to the victims’ families. He was the deputy head of the Palestinian-Israeli village in the north called Baka el-Garbiyye. 147 more words

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