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What Jerusalem Means To The Jew

(I posted this on my own blog on Erev Pesach, under a different title, and thought readers here may be interested in it; some, who can remember the sixties, may even have heard the address in question): 1,486 more words

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Into the fray: The magnate and the mullah, A Friedman fantasy

Written and submitted by Martin Sherman

Tom Friedman’s anti-Adelson diatribe shows how intellectually corrupted the discourse on the Israel-Palestinian issue has become.

Truth be told, Tom Friedman can be a pretty astute and articulate journalist – except when he writes about Israel. 2,051 more words

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News & Views from ‘Arlene in Israel’ - Winding Down.

Written and submitted by Arlene Kushner.

Preparing for the Pesach holiday, just a day away now.  Beginning to turn away from everyday happenings, to focus on ultimate questions, family, and the ritual of Seder.   2,474 more words

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Palestine – Historical Amnesia Causes Kerry’s Downfall

Written by David Singer.

John Kerry was well on the way to becoming another impotent and failed Secretary of State in November last year – as predicted in my article “Palestine – Kerry Destined For Political Scrapheap”: … 880 more words

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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Words Cause Permanent Damage

Barry Shaw is a special consultant on delegitimization issues to the Strategic Dialogue center at Netanya Academic College. He is also the author of Israel Reclaiming the Narrative… 805 more words

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Shurat HaDin prepares Palestinian Indictments for the International Criminal Court, whilst the PA has signed up to the Geneva Conventions.

In  the wake of Palestinian Authority (PA) officials taking unilateral action in the United Nations and the continuous threat of the PA joining the International Criminal Court (ICC), Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center,  has begun to prepare indictments of Palestinian officials (called “communications”) for involvement in terrorist attacks. 726 more words

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Israeli Hackers Strike Back at Anonymous OpIsrael, Expose Participants With Their Own Webcams (PHOTOS)

An Israeli hacker team published on Tuesday images and personal details of members of the Anonymous hacker collective who participated in the OpIsrael attack against Israeli sites earlier this week,  413 more words

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