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From Zionism to Palestinianism

“For at least the last 100 years, Christian Zionists have been the one arm of the Evangelical church that maintained a very friendly, positive attitude towards Israel and the Jewish people.

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Majority of Israelis: The force used by the army in Gaza was not excessive

MEMO | August 20, 2014

An overwhelming majority of Jewish Israelis think that the Israeli army used either the “appropriate” level of force or “too little firepower” during its latest aggression, dubbed “Operation Protective Edge”, in the Gaza Strip.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Israel kill a woman and child. Completely justifiable, of course...

After 8 days of relative quiet in Gaza, an Israeli air strike killed the wife and son of the Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif. As the attack was targeted at Deif, Israeli military consider the Hamas commander’s home as fair game. 283 more words


We Are All Palestinian Today

Are you human? Are you humane? Then today, the least you can do, is declare yourself Palestinian. After a break from the bloodshed, the rockets, the artillary, Israel decided, yet again, to turn the life of the average Gazan citizen into a post-apoclyptic existience. 227 more words


Hamas denies firing missiles: BBC reports. Hamas claims missile fire: BBC silent

As readers are no doubt aware, terrorists in the Gaza Strip violated the ceasefire which was due to end at midnight on August 19th some eight and a half hours before it expired with missile fire at the city of Be’er Sheva. 525 more words


And the packing has begun.

Sorry for the delay in writing. I’ve been spending most of the past week or so packing and unpacking, rearranging piles of clothes and bags of shoes to try to make it all fit. 420 more words



The focal point of all oppression and violence in the Middle East is a group of states which include Egypt, Israel, Palestine and in one case the parts of various places occupied by the ISIS. 82 more words

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