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Hamas, Give Us Back Our Son!

The list of fools and their simple-minded solutions to the current conflict placing Israel against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Gaza terror groups are near to endless. 1,652 more words


"The hour is closing in. I am coming soon."

This letter primarily the LORD talks about the world’s
descent into darkness and the people’s refusal to pay
attention to what’s coming. In Sabrina’s letter the LORD… 2,921 more words

Katzrin Park - Ancient Talmudic Village

Katzrin (Hebrew: קַצְרִין; also Qatzrin) is an Israeli settlement and local council in the Golan Heights. Known as the “capital of the Golan,” it is the second-largest locality there after Majdal Shams, and the largest Jewish locality. 

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Does the End Justify Genocide?

Well, the words ‘Israel’ and ‘genocide’ have crossed my lips recently (not in a good way).

Now it seems The Times of Israel has mentioned it, too. 30 more words


Joint Declaration on International Law & Gaza & Final List of Endorsers

Final Text of Joint Declaration on International Law & List of Endorsers

(Prefatory Note: with only a voluntary effort the Joint Declaration on International Law in relation to the Gaza Attacks by Israel has elicited an  6,450 more words


Both sides in the Gaza conflict are ill-defined

There are certain issues that I don’t often write about; this isn’t due to apathy but rather the toxic nature of the debate. Guns are one, abortion is another. 503 more words