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The Imagined Figment of Moderate Arab Support for Israel

There is a misconception which has been growing even amongst many Israeli politicians and left leaning citizens as well as growing exponentially throughout Europe and the United States, especially amongst their Jewish populations. 2,087 more words


The Dead Sea…from the archive.

Ripples on the Dead Sea in Israel with Jordan on the horizon. Such a tranquil place yet it is surrounded on all sides by political and religious confusion. 10 more words


Letter From New Zealand (About Gaza and Israel)

Progressive Hypocrisy

Chris Trotter
The Christchurch Press
26th August, 2014

Where are the impassioned streams of citizens flooding our nation’s streets to protest against the actions of the Islamic State? 785 more words


Merely Political?

The U.S Congress has voted to continue to give financial aid to Israel despite the pending investigation which will reveal that Israel committed war crimes. There can be no other outcome considering what their rocket’s and soldiers did. 609 more words

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Efforts to boycott Israeli products gain steam


Dubai: Pressure on companies to boycott Israel amid the most recent round of violence in Gaza has mounted in recent weeks. An online petition urging divestment from Israel has reached nearly 1.7 million signatures and businesses across the world have been threatened with wide-scale boycotts as the movement appears to be gathering steam. 496 more words

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What's a Jew?

The modern world begins in Genesis chapter 10 that details how Noah’s 3 sons had sons, and it was their families that went on to become the ‘nations’ of the earth. 1,630 more words

What's So And Not So

Palestine can sue Israel, says ICC

Dubai: Palestine is free to file charges of war crimes against Israel, if it so decides. That’s the position taken by ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda. 279 more words

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