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Doctors Save Baby From Pregnant Woman Killed in Gaza

Shayma was born during an attack on the Gaza strip. But when doctors pulled her tiny body from the womb, her mother Shayma al-Sheikh Qanan had already died, … 186 more words

Israeli Soldier Leaks Accounts of Revenge Attacks Against Civilians by Troops in Gaza

A member of the Israeli group ‘Breaking the Silence’ has published accounts of Israeli soldiers being authorized by their commanders to carry out revenge attacks against civilians in the Gaza Strip “to enable the soldiers to take out their frustrations and pain at losing their fellow soldiers”. 592 more words

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Gaza Conflict 'Is Like An Endless Horror Film' - Reports Sky News

Sky News is the World biggest news station and they are showing signs of ‘Empathy’ for the people in Palestine. For the Worlds biggest news outlet to do this is a total shock to me and it comes on the back of UK’s channel 4 Anchor Jon Snow telling the World about what the people in Gaza are going through. 787 more words

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Suppose Hamas Really Cared About Gaza's Citizens

The population of Gaza is about 1.8 million. Here’s a little math: Assuming that this money could have been used to build industries, create greenhouses, dig wells, and initiate irrigation farming, Hamas stole (or diverted, if you prefer less inflammatory terminology) $50 from every Gazan man, woman, and child to build tunnels and build or buy weapons in a vain attempt to destroy Israel. 19 more words


Jonathan Kay: Like all war, the campaign in Gaza is hellish. Stop treating it like a PR battle

One of the strangest aspects of our Western reaction to Israel at war is our tendency to assess who is “winning” and “losing” as if it were a sports contest. 841 more words

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