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The West arranges to allow Israel to take part in nuclear trade

International nuclear body to curry favor with Israel: Exposed Press TV, 15 April 14 The US and some European allies seek deeper nuclear ties with Israel and other non-members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), a confidential paper reveals.  126 more words

Weapons And War

BBC continues to yawn at PA glorification of terrorism

We have noted here on numerous occasions in the past that the consistent glorification of terrorism by official Palestinian Authority bodies is systematically unreported by the BBC.   270 more words


Free Lebanon from Neighbouring Bullies

(Lebanon Gripped by Unrest: Stavro, ‘Lebanon Gripped by Unrest’ (2012) The Daily Star <http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Cartoons.aspx?id=911&page=18#axzz2z18bTWOj>.)

The cartoon, ‘Lebanon Gripped by Unrest’ shows that international presence and civil war has prevented Lebanon from achieving peace. 283 more words

Lebanon: on the edge of the Syrian Civil War

Lebanon is a complex state, riddled with diverse political and religious factions. This secular yet fractured state has endured numerous adversities including 20 years of occupation by Israel and Syria and 15 years of bloody, multifaceted civil war. 615 more words


From the beginning, this blog has predicted that the Israeli – Palestinian peace talks would go down the drain. That’s where the negotiations now appear to be. 510 more words

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VS: Middle Eastern and Arab

I know this is not related to Wonderland’s anime theme but it bothers me when people interchange Arab countries with the Middle East.

So much that I had to blog about it :< 302 more words

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Thinking Aloud: The Israeli Debate Over "Jewish Terror"

Apr. 15, 2014 by Darius 

Last weekend, Israeli soldiers seized control of a religious building in the West Bank, cordoning off the area with barbed wire.  321 more words

Thinking Aloud