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Israeli First Responders After Boston Bombing

Israel is behind the Boston Bombing.  There were Israeli first responder units at Beth Israel Hospital conveniently waiting for bombing victims.

There were also doctors communicating to Israeli military in Hebrew via walkie talkies.  129 more words


'Legitimate' Targets?

By Charlie Andreasson

This article was published before the recently agreed ceasefire.

High-rise buildings have now been declared as legitimate targets for F-16 aircraft attacks. 59 more words


Israel Shahak on the Subject of Collaborators

Recently mainstream media reported on the execution by Hamas of Palestinian collaborators in the Gaza Strip. This of course is not a new phenomenon in the history of Palestinian resistance–collaboration with the Israeli occupiers by a small segment within Palestinian society dates back quite a few years, and of course it isn’t unique to Palestinian resistance either. 706 more words


August 27th, 2014

Christmas town! In August! Our trip to Bethlehem was a welcome retreat from Nablus. Not that we don’t love Nablus; we’re just getting a little too comfortable with living there, and really need to see more of Palestine before we leave. 668 more words


Transference of Evil

“Netanyahu: A Creature Without Morality or Mercy”

By William Cook

“…the pictures out of Gaza are heart wrenching and painful, the painful pictures of children dying… and the thousands of refugees. 2,669 more words


Israel and ISIS

I was reading a Reuters report on ISIS a bit earlier today and it seems they have taken a page straight out of the Israeli play book, adopting the practice of carrying out home demolitions against those they seek to occupy and oppress: 1,038 more words


Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar Resists Deportation

From the protest tent in the PLC compound in Ramallah, Jarrar calls on the World’s People to act to defend the Palestinian People

The occupation forces have their special way to bring you a letter, or rather to convey a message. 1,361 more words

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