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Finding Gad

Rabbi Yehudah ben Shomeyr

The Tribe of Gad. Gad was the 7th son of Jacob, the 1st son of Jacob and Zilpah the handmaid of Leah (Gen. 3,068 more words


July 19

1 Kings 20

1Now Ben-hadad, king of Aram, got all his army together, and thirty-two kings with him, and horses and carriages of war; he went up and made war on Samaria, shutting it in. 2,509 more words


A Piece of Advice from Fr. Chambers

A True Israelite


An Israelite was asked, “Why do you send your children to school?”

He answered, “So that they will learn how to read, if they already know how to read, they will be able to read the Bible, then if he/she/they read about the Bible, they learn about God, if they learn about God, they tend to love God, and if they love God, they are able to serve God. 230 more words

Por Le Amor De La Vida

July 7

1 Kings 8

1Then Solomon sent for all the responsible men of Israel, and all the chiefs of the tribes, and the heads of families of the children of Israel, to come to him in Jerusalem to take the ark of the Lord’s agreement up out of the town of David, which is Zion. 3,475 more words


June 29

2 Samuel 23

1Now these are the last words of David. David, the son of Jesse, says, the man who was lifted up on high, the man on whom the God of Jacob put the holy oil, the loved one of Israel’s songs, says: 1,784 more words


Ancient Israelite Zion Theology, Judeo-Christian Apocalypticism, and Biblical (Mis)interpretation

There is a long history of apocalyptic fervor in the Judeo-Christian tradition. These notions often gain intensity during moments of social or political strife. However, the peace and security some theological notions offer, if misinterpreted or misapplied, may potentially help precipitate crises and conflicts that upset the stability of civilized society. 117 more words

Chronicle of the Old Testament Kings: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Ancient Israel

I published a book review of “Chronicle of the Old Testament Kings: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Ancient Israel.

“The Chronicle of the Old Testament Kings, written by John Rogerson, professor of biblical studies emeritus at the University of Sheffield, provides an accessible and engaging academic summary treatment of the major leaders found in the biblical text.  196 more words