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3 Poems | Andrew Wetmore


We laid on our backs and pulled shapes from the sky
like reading the letters out of porno magazines.
You had all your vaccinations and went to Sunday school every Sunday. 2,114 more words


Discover Art Issue 3

Click the link to download issue 3 of Discover Art (we think the best one yet!!)


Go to www.bgallery.co.uk to download Issue 1 and 2 (free) Courtesy of bGallery

The Place Under The Pastoral Skies | Brian Michael Barbeito

It was a knowing. A Gnostic phenomenon. I had seen the place before, a place that stood quietly at the edges of a town. It was the type of place one intended to visit, but intentions are not actualities. 568 more words


9 things to know before you crawl into my bed | Lily Cigale

1. I don’t want to be begged. I am turned on by a steady affection, an unwavering rationality. I want you to do my taxes please memorize my social security number darling. 634 more words


Annual Well Woman Visit | Victoria Massie

My arms stretch to the heavens
lengthy torso
stunted by chicken legs

The nurse begged me
stand tall;
wall and back kissing;
head and neck reconnecting inward… 222 more words


an Interview with the Millennium's Sandy Salisbury

When he was 23 years old Sandy Salisbury got his start in the music industry recording with the Ballroom.  After the Ballroom he joined the Millennium, which like the Ballroom, featured studio-whiz Curt Boettcher.   1,958 more words


Bulaklak para sa Sining | Irma Lacorte

2014, dried flowers, graphite on paper, book cut-outs, acrylic on canvas