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Why We Should Be Worried About Putin - Harry Coloe

In a quick glance at world politics, you will struggle to find a leader as enduringly troublesome for diplomacy and peace in the 21st century as Vladimir Putin. 597 more words

Issue 3

#selfie - Alissa Kirkwood

Alissa Kirkwood investigates the selfie craze that’s gripping the modern world – and isn’t letting go

Selfies. Where on earth do I start? Well, let’s start from the very beginning. 353 more words

Issue 3

Alton College Deli - Lewis Roach

On the 10th of March, Alton College got “The Deli” to replace the old Costa Coffee. But how does it compare? Is it any good? Will it serve jam? 765 more words

Issue 3

Underwater by Anonymous

Diving to the bottom of the pool.

The kind of depth where your ears are almost bursting with something you can’t quite articulate

And your brain feels like it’s splitting and… 181 more words

Issue 3

The Beasts We Feared by Joseph Marshall

We’ve waited for our moment long enough, now it’s time for our legions to march forward and commence the war that will ultimately decide our fate. 290 more words

Issue 3

Chocolate Feeling by Jess White

I’ve tried to stay out of this zone of feeling, but I just can’t fight it anymore…

They entered my life with a whizz and a pop, and whenever I see them around warmth flows into my heart. 128 more words

Issue 3

Funfair by Mariah Roberts

The announcement of spring brings with it the promise of childish whims: the beach, picnics in the park, the funfair.

For a night we ventured out from the catacombs of endless study. 363 more words

Issue 3