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Welcome to Vending Machine Press Issue 6

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the new issue of Vending Machine Press. We would to thank everyone in the writing community for being so kind to us in our rookie year. 124 more words

Short Stories

Cardboard City by Paul Tristram

The Winter winds blow cold and hard
under the desolate railway bridge
but at least he won’t be waking up
to a policeman urinating upon him… 222 more words


Patience, Dear by Ira Herbold

I am waiting in a darkened room,
facing the door, hands on knees.
I am waiting for Christianity
to seem plausible.

I am waiting for certainty, 111 more words


South to Savannah by Chris Campanioni

The sun came through the dashboard and died
under another overpass, air as thick as dreams,
wanting as you might sometimes consider
just about everything: a crimson sunset… 258 more words


Driving Through Fog by AJ Huffman

Highway markers tick by, blurry
sentinels barely breaking the monotony
of trees, their black skeletal arms directing me
onward. My mind gives them life, watches them… 128 more words


New Place by Rebecca Guest

The promise of newly painted walls lining empty
rooms, a kind of hubris that sings
up your arms, popping goosepimples of possibility

Moving and heaving and labor, the cutting open… 125 more words


Loss is by April Salzano

not the contact paper on broken walls,
the hammock no one used, the black strap
that didn’t seem able to stop the badness.
At forty, I finally understand—loss is not… 120 more words