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from Issue #6: Poetry by Frank Russo



They found one of the blond twins to play Jesus—
the ones whose parents had migrated to the Ruhr
to work as factory hands. 758 more words

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from Issue #6: Poetry by Siobhan Hodge


 Happy Valley Turnover

American alfalfa, fresh
off the jet, arrives
for a visiting
in the barracks.

Soybean starches
ulcered bellies,
oats and lucerne… 269 more words

Contrappasso Magazine

The Cold Gap, by Nathaniel Ogle

A day after the anniversary of his wife’s death, Les Ford read an email from another member of Highgate Wood PTA relaying talk that an older boy with Fragile X Syndrome was ‘aggressively obsessed’ with his son, Max Ford. 6,358 more words

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Clare Harmon (10 poems)

10 poems by Clare Harmon – for easier reading, click the link to read Clare Harmon’s poems in a .pdf file.

Clare Louise Harmon lives and works in New Orleans, LA. 34 more words

Miss Christine Is Back, Baby - by Alisha Ebling

I’m taking back the dress. It’s a gorgeous dress: blood red, nylon. Clings to my hips. Used to be Mitchell’s favorite, but I reclaimed it. Because I love it. 8,132 more words

A Wall on Dartmoor, by Thomas McMullan

There is a wall on Dartmoor. You will see it if you walk along the tracks from the aerial tower to the ruins of the old prison. 1,272 more words