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Episode 34. Tumblr Dryer.

“I tried being humble, but humble get no respect. Now the first sign of trouble..” well, you can make up the rest.

And now, in alphabetical order, the personnel: 47 more words


So like this one time I saw this show...

A moral panic is something that’s always been associated with technology. Back when television was first introduced and programming started to take on forms that were considered to be outside the social acceptances, T.V was seen to be a way to almost… 741 more words


When people spread lies.

The most frustrating thing has to be when people say things about you to other people that aren’t true. The things that are said then get back to you and then you try to set things straight. 181 more words


first story snippet

just beyond the rolling hills and impeccability manicured beds of seasonal foliage, two embroidered rod iron archways separate wake forest wealth from winston salem poverty. 134 more words



I’m a total failure at most everything I’ve done. Are you a failure?

I listened to a great lady speak this morning about how she’s felt like a failure most of her life. 264 more words



If I were still the same person I used to be back then, I would have already started my birthday countdown as soon as September 1 was marked on the calendar. 217 more words

Love - Hate

I'm going to pull my hair out

I’m going crazy I just know it. I just know that any moment state hospital is going to come and commit me to an insane part of the hospital. 18 more words