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Don’t try and change your partner, but help to identify things about yourself and how you should keep changing and evolving.

Take time to get away from all the stresses of day-to-day life – recharge and reconnect. 60 more words

Lifes Lessons

Fake it Till You Make It

Sometimes you just have to put up a smile and pretend everything is alright until everything is alright.

I hate when I burden other people. I don’t like telling people about my problems because I feel pathetic and helpless. 46 more words



Okay so for the past 3 days I have been getting bitten in the night.

And in the morning, I’ve got these bites all over my face. 20 more words

Journal Entries

I would appreciate more belly rubs. You are all below quota for today.


Heart's Rhythm

summer’s short storm over
greens cleansed and air crisp
setting sun shining clear yellow
reminded him of where he stood

always before God
in some part of His garden… 64 more words


Why are there more girls self-harming than boys?

When looking into self-harm, what stuck with me most was that the number of girls self-harming is significantly higher than the number of boys.  It really got me thinking and all I wanted to understand was why?  535 more words


Why now?

Why now? Why change? There is a woman. Isn’t it always a woman. Wars have been waged over a woman. New lands found for a woman. 2,941 more words