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Three Things That Can Really Bother You (2014)

1. Politics.

2. That issue.

3. Anything that you desire.


Now and then-

It’s up to you to decide whether or

not you want to let the stress in.


The Reverse

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Something blissful
Becomes reversed.
So easily snatched away
Suddenly not in your grasp.
You wouldn’t ever suspect… 110 more words

Life Issues

What would "one law for all" be?

If we had one law for all what would that law be?  Thou shall not hurt anyone else? Thou shall not tell fibs (especially in politics)? 925 more words


Preventing a tragedy of heirs through estate planning

An inadequately planned estate can leave plenty of problems for the heirs of the deceased, particularly if the latter had multiple marriages in his or her lifetime. 241 more words

Strong is the new sexy

There are a couple of new body confidence quotes doing the rounds that I like a lot. Please see the below -

In the run up to the Commonwealth Games I was happy to hear young English weightlifter and beauty queen Sarah Davies being quoted on radio saying that girls should inspire to be ‘strong’ rather than ‘sexy’. 264 more words


Have Screaming Issues With Issues? Try Slaves

Not being particularly down with the kids (who would’ve thunk it?), I haven’t always been on the ball about artists that are actually worth paying attention to that everyone else has been. 266 more words