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Chain Letters

If someone sent you a link, to this blog, it is because they love you.  Because of the love they have for you they want to continue communicating with you, but the sickness that you keep showing is making it hard for them. 
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Men and women have valid issues about fragrance ingredients - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

People have valid concerns about fragrance componentsPittsburgh Post-GazetteI want to commend the PG&#39s Pohla Smith for raising awareness about fragrances and their influence on our well being (“Suffering in a Fragrant Globe,” June 17). 8 more words

OSS Team Member (Beit Dagan, IL)

Position: OSS Team Member (Beit Dagan, IL)

Company: GreenRoad

Location: Beit-Dagan


GreenRoad is looking for an OSS Team member to provide front-line support to an innovative product. 165 more words

I despise the word “almost.” It strives and stretches. It desperately tries to convince me that it has achieved a certain status of completion when it most certainly has not. 958 more words


Israel vs. Palestine; India’s Neutrality

As conflict in the Gaza strip sets in, disruptions in Parliamentary proceedings have happened thousands of miles away in a country neither directly nor indirectly involved in the conflict, India. 521 more words


A difficult question: religious thought, academic freedom, and dinosaur DNA

I am terrible about starting a new blog series before finishing the last one.   Or the other one.

(My “how you work at work” profile says I’m better during the early parts of a project but fade away during implementation. 1,054 more words


How Panorama9 ensures that your IT environment is online

General info

Your IT environment consists of numerous different devices and systems where some are more business critical than others. Ensuring that all and everything is running is a constant battle you must handle. 670 more words