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I want what I want, wait what do I want again? #20

I’m the youngest of 5. My three older sisters and older brother all grew up together with 3-4 years in age. I came later, much later, 10 years later.   1,063 more words


Child Custody Issues: How Physics and Lawyers in Indianapolis Can Help

Sit-Downs Still Better
Gomberoff may be on to something, though, and statistical physics may eventually be used to understand the dynamics of blended families. Until this happens, however, divorcing parties are better off sitting down and talking with each other. 70 more words

Trust Issues

Trusting people is the hardest thing for you to do. You have trust issues and you don’t even realize it. Every time someone tries to get close to you, you reject them before they can get a chance to even know you. 601 more words

US Foreign Aid, the Promotion of Democracy, and Preservation of Security

Maxwell Counihan is an undergraduate student studying International Relations with a focus on Foreign Policy & National Security at the American University School of International Service. 829 more words


Direct Gaming Issues explained

Our Tech Team in Melbourne is posting some of the accessible videos as we speak.

The issue is that all of the videos have been deleted on the channel and i am in France with a chrome book as you may know. 159 more words

Direct Gaming