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Mental Illness, Misconceptions, and YA lit

I’ve read in a few places now about how Robin Williams was suffering from a form of dementia, which would explain his suicide.

All I can think is – and DEPRESSION DOESN’T??? 403 more words


President G.W. Bush & President Obama: Immigration

CNN — President Obama’s speech on immigration is remarkably similar to the one President Bush gave in 2006.

The difference between the two is, one called for congressional action and enforcement of the laws, while the other has implemented an executive order, and is choosing which laws to enforce and which laws to neglect. 15 more words


General Tapioca, Mahinda and the Uncommon 'Common Candidate'.

Colombo, Sri Lanka and Tapiocapolis, San Theodoras have suddenly begun to look alike. San Theodoras is the banana republic one comes across in Herge’s TinTin… 1,193 more words


Reasons Why I Need To Get The FUCK Out This House...

1. Everybody has fucking issues they don’t want to address.

2. I live under an occupation. People have to monitor when I leave and when I come. 390 more words


The Quest for a Motherless Society

Veiling the Attack on Women as Support

By Denise Hunnell, MD

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 12, 2014 (Zenit.org) – We read in Genesis that God created a man and a woman. 1,053 more words


"Vote Planned On Tax-Free Disability Savings Accounts"

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This November 20, 2014 DisabilityScoop.com article talks about legislation that would allow people who are disabled to have special savings accounts that could be used to pay for housing, medical expenses, or other necessities.  59 more words


Profile on the Marpole/Oakridge community


Both the Marpole and Oakridge areas are located west of Cambie Street.

A big concern for the Marpole/Oakridge region is property crime, according to James Morrison of the… 224 more words