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As the Months go By.

If there is one thing that I truly excel at, it procrastination. I do it for pretty much everything. Assignments, Chores, hell I even put off playing games I like because of “Reasons”. 220 more words

I really need your help on this one

This post isn’t about sex, it’s about feelings.

I didn’t write in a very long time. I’m sorry. I’ve had some issues, with mr. X. Yes, it’s still going on, for a year now. 297 more words


Today is the Last Day to Contribute to The Women's Issue

Our fundraising campaign ends tonight at midnight, when it officially becomes April 20th! Those who have shares the indiegogo and contributed thank you! Your support has helped us move a little forward in our mission to reach and connect the community. 33 more words


The "Community".

I’ve heard plenty of people in the LGBTQ community say that they’re some of the most welcoming, comforting, accepting people. And you would think they have every reason to be. 1,030 more words


Watch Dannie Swift perform "Break It" LIVE @ Music Issue Release Party!

Dannie Swift graced the stage of Hat City Kitchen at the Music Issue release party in January. She released a new song, “Break It” which is about being ambitious, working hard and going past even our highest goals. 11 more words


Inner Issues

There is a woman at the shop where I work. She first started coming in about a year ago. We thought she was a nun, or a devout Mormon. 509 more words