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Still Learning..

-Demi Lovato

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Got an issue with a UK university? These sites can help

When you make an agreement, you expect both sides to honour it. That goes for universities as well. In exchange for your tuition fees, the university pledges to provide you with certain services. 516 more words


Trust Issues?

Lately I’ve been feeling untrustworthy? I’m not too sure if that’s the right word to describe how I’m feeling. So today my friends and I went out, this group of friends I like to call them the “muso’s” just because most of them are musical people. 404 more words


Baby Hairs

Do you struggle with unruly baby hairs like myself?

The bastards won’t flatten, no matter how much time I spend smothering my hair with my hands, how much product I vigorously massage in, or how many times I beg my sister to straighten them once and for all. 61 more words

004- Conflict ♡

The capacity of peoples intelligence sometimes makes me want to drown in a ball of sadness.

Generally when you are in disagreement with someone else there is going to be two sides to the story, and two completely different opinions on both. 326 more words


How can I not love someone who loves me? If someone can love how messed up I am, shouldn’t I be happy with just that? … 263 more words


Explanation of legal high law change

“However, the Psychoactive Substances Act is not the gutless law that many suppose it to be. In fact, we now have more control over these drugs than ever before.” 897 more words