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Be Patience, Love And Pray.

The above three, without a joke, are the solution to all my problems with my children and to my friends’ children.

One of my friends is facing serious issues with her daughter. 339 more words


White Faced Saki

It’s interesting what people get upset about. How can you blame them? For some, they go bananas for their favorite football team or baseball team. Some people stand up for social causes like violence against children, animals, or women. 135 more words

Lord Calms

Sometimes the Lord calms the storm;
Sometimes He lets the storm rage . . .
And calms His child.

- Author Unknown -


'You Don't Care Who I Am'

The Metric.Skeptic Issue Cover Art

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20 more words

Beaten Dog

There is only so much a beaten dog will take before it reaches its breaking point and turns on its master. You don’t keep kicking a dog when it’s down. 344 more words


10 Issues Each And Every Buyer Should Know About Property Inspections

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Home inspections give buyers an idea of their new home’s condition. Image Via: Period Architecture Ltd.

Congratulations, your offer was accepted and you’re going to be a homeowner! 28 more words

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Are You Happy??

If you think you are happy doing the things you are doing ask yourself, “Am I being the very best me I can be and am I truly happy to the core of my being”. 158 more words