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As victims of sexual, mental,
physical, emotional or spiritual abuse

We are not and we will not
be punished by God for what happened



This armour of mine it be not of steel
Don’t get me wrong it is very real

It may not be seen by the human eye… 154 more words



Peace is a trinket
Traded for a gun

A great topic for conversation
But don’t try to start one

- Author Unknown -

Everyday Life

bniM yM ʇO ɘɔɘiꟼ1|1Piece Of My Mind

Coins. We use them everyday; for the bus, in a shop, or even to draw around. But did you know there are very few people in this work with a fear of this small, circular, metal object? 1,720 more words


#WILL: World Traveler, @elknows

First it was Facebook, then it was Twitter, where words were the predominant means of communication across said platforms. Through Instagram, visuals have slowly but surely taken precedence. 833 more words


The Voice That Never Rose

She sat in the corner of the kitchen, sobbing. It was the one place she could truly be herself within. He wouldn’t want to enter that place. 241 more words


Issue 12 - Machine Gun Kelly

North of Nine, Machine Gun Kelly, Major League, and more. To view the issue for free, click here.