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Energizing the Groundswell

Energizing is spreading the word or in other words “energizing the base”; a marketer’s dream. Word of mouth is an amplifier achieving results more powerful than a media campaign. 331 more words


Avoiding the comparison trap

Most of these people, I haven’t seen or even talked to in about two months. After the excited reunions and hugs, it doesn’t take much time before we begin the lines of inquiry about each other’s lives. 588 more words

PC Service

Tapping the Groundswell with Twitter

Twitter is a source of rich information as it provides useful content in only 140 characters. Twitter has caused a new ecosystem of interactions through the use of followers, hashtags and searches, mentions and retweets, links, lists and apps and tools. 225 more words


Talking with the Groundswell

When a company decides to “talk” with the groundswell, they employ their marketing department to do this through advertising and public relations. Advertising is about mass, while public relations focuses on exposure. 318 more words



2007, Breakdancer

Hey look, it’s someone doing something wacky! The “silly” photograph is kind of a cliche genre that is more at home as Facebook click-bait or a mall-kiosk wall calendar ( 204 more words


POST Process

The POST process is made up of four key elements: people, objectives, strategy and technology. This four-step planning process contains questions regarding all of these elements in the hopes to move a company forward, or in order words “tap the groundswell”. 525 more words



Basically fresh off the train from Training in Surabaya (the second largest city) I’ve have time to ponder about my service, being here for over 7 months I can say I have a good grasp of my life here in Indonesia. 705 more words