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HSH Nordbank ist in der süddeutschen Region zunehmend erfolgreich

HSH Nordbank ist in der süddeutschen Region zunehmend erfolgreich

  • Niederlassung in Stuttgart betreut 2014 mehr als 100 Kunden
  • Gehobener Mittelstand und Immobilien-Investoren im Fokus

Hamburg/Kiel, 15. 308 more words

My Definition of the Field of Instructional Design and Technology

My definition of the field of Instructional Design and Technology is, the process of using  theory based knowledge about learning and teaching in conjunction with technology to increase the skills and knowledge of learners and improve performance.  65 more words

Gulf Air improves its financial position for the first half of 2014

Gulf Air (Bahrain) has issued this financial statement of the first half of 2014 showing improved financial performance:

Gulf Air, the Kingdom of Bahrain’s national carrier, has delivered a strong fiscal and operational performance for the first half of the year, ending June 2014, reducing its year-on-year losses by over 30% and building on the airline’s positive 2013 strategic restructuring results that put the national carrier firmly on-track towards achieving long-term commercial sustainability. 784 more words


Things I love about India #1-4 (to be continued)

In this section I will simply update the small gifts Indian life offers on a regular basis to its admirers. After all life is to be enjoyed at the fullest potential and the best way to do that, is to celebrate the small things: 68 more words


Where the kids take it...

This year my school has been implementing a Reggio-inspired program in which dedicated time each week is spent exploring certain provocations and seeing where the students want to take the direction of the sessions using the Arts. 310 more words


Sprinkling Spin Physics onto a Superconductor

JQI (Joint Quantum Institute)Fellow Jay Sau, in collaboration with physicists from Harvard and Yale, has been studying the effects of embedding magnetic spins onto the surface of a superconductor. 1,008 more words


Todays thoughts .. Trying times

     I’m sitting at my kitchen table eating some hummus I made and trying to think of what to talk about. My husband gets off work in about 15 minutes and I am thinking about taking us to Fuddruckers for dinner even though we are poor as they come lol but they are about the only place around where I live that serves a veggie burger .. 643 more words