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Japan: ISTA Gala Dinner

ISTA coordinators did an amazing job, putting together the best conference dinner/Gala I have ever attended. There was constant entertainment through the night. First that had a group of Samurai’s fighting on stage. 212 more words

ISTA Conference

Well, I am finally home and will be updating my blog over the next few days. I was in Japan for the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) conference. 149 more words

Okay, let's be clear.

Maybe some might think that by “not” being “chic” I mean “fuck fashion and trends” well, yes. But not really.

The thing is that I love clothes and that means I should love fashion, and yes, I love it BUT, I believe that you should wear whatever you like, and combine it by however it fits better or you feel good with it, Who cares if you like plaid with stripes? 64 more words


This is a manifest.

Fashion has always been a very important thing among the high class; but for instance, let’s think about what fashion means to everyone in a more bold sense. 87 more words