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It’s been two years...

… since I first set foot on Turkish ground. I remember it was a Sunday. I’d been anxious for this day for months. Nervous and excited alike. 511 more words

Getting Started

Charming Duplex In Istanbul Pays Homage To History In A Glamorous Way by Interior Design Easy

Situated in a building with stone foundation walls that date back to the 1800s, this apartment is infused with background and incorporates all the original specifics in a very normal and charming way. 34 more words


The one time I picked a really short transfer time between flights, that’s when the plane leaves with an hour’s delay, then lands at Singapore and stays parked on the runway waiting for another plane to leave our gate. 236 more words


The Rain

It was the day I quit my job at the agency. After the worst possible year I could ever had and following a little nervous breakdown, I finally got an offer from a decent job which give me the free time every human-being need to stay sane and the possibility to improve myself a lot more. 51 more words


Sail Away

Moda is always the scene of great photos. It must be something about light, I don’t know. This was taken above the Moda Deniz Kulübü on a lazy Sunday noon, after a long breakfast. 6 more words


Istanbul Day 1

So I am back on the blogging scene after graduating and ready to start showing y’all my travels! The next few posts will show my travels in the last month. 198 more words