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Merge log files when troubleshooting a multi server SharePoint farm

Even after working with SharePoint for a while you find new features. The Merge-SPLogFile cmdlet is one of them.

This cmdlet retrieves all ULS log entries from all servers in the farm and creates a one new log file. 70 more words


So you want to be an IT Pro

One of the favorite parts of my job is advising students that are interested in technology and want to become IT Pros. Most have little or no technology skills, and it’s rewarding for me to see them grow and develop skills than can help them achieve their goals. 1,025 more words

How to Embrace Your Geekness Everyday

By Caerley Hill

You may recognize May 25 as a hallowed holiday in geekdom: Geek Pride Day. While that day is a great excuse to celebrate everything that makes you unique, what if we all started doing this daily? 416 more words


10Gbps Cheap & Without Risk In Even The Smallest Environments

Over the last 18 months cheaper, commodity, small port count, but high quality 10Gbps switches have become available. NetGear is a prime example. This means 10Gbps networking is within reach for even the smallest deployments. 409 more words

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NTFS Permissions On A File Server From Hell Saved By SetACL.exe & SetACL Studio

Most IT people don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling when NTFS permissions & “ACLing” are being discussed. While you can do great & very functional things with it, in reality when dealing with file servers over time “stuff” happens. 586 more words

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Windows 2012 R2 Data Deduplication Leverages Shadow Copies: “LastOptimizationResultMessage : A volume shadow copy could not be created or was unexpectedly deleted”.

When you’re investigation and planning large repositories for data (backups, archive, file servers, ISO/VHD stores, …) and you’d like to leverage Windows Data Deduplication you have too keep in mind that the maximum supported size for an NTFS volume is 64TB. 545 more words

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Virtualizing Intensive Workloads on Hyper-V, Can It Be Done?

Can it be done?

All I can say is that, yes, absolutely, you can virtualize resource intensive workloads. Done right you’ll gain all benefits associated with virtualization and you won’t lose your performance & scalability. 775 more words

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