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ISIM - Force challenge questions response

One of the most useful functions in ISIM are the challenge questions, a great utility to let the end user recover their own password. But some kind of users do not configure the questions before the problems. 139 more words

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ISAM - High Availability concerns

Recently I have been working with a customer in an IBM Security Access Manager for Web (ISAM) project, with some high availability requirements. Sometimes tricky to found, the following is some information I considered useful when I discovered it, so I want to give it to you. 183 more words

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Craiglist Scammers Made In Nigeria

It is really nice and refreshing to see that Africa is making a noticeable development in the IT area. However, in our story this progress obviously had the wrong turn or direction. 180 more words

London Business Bridge Is Falling Down

Finally, someone has realized what is going on. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know for sure how cyber attacks can seriously cripple your business. 189 more words

Chrome OS hijacks Windows

Google have demonstrated a business nous to add to their reputation for innovation wizadry.  Simply put, they’ve found a way to hijack Windows, and all you have to do is download Google Chrome Canary, … 402 more words


FBI Says Beware of Hacker Alert - Too Little, Too Late

written by Pierluigi Stella

Towards the end of August, the FBI, the FDIC and some other FI related organizations apparently sent a memo to all the FIs in the US, alerting them that a number of IP addresses were spotted conducting attacks against FIs.  888 more words

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Infographic: The Explosion of the Internet of Things

In the near future, our offices, factories, energy sources, and personal devices will collect and share data automatically in order to maximize efficiency and profits. The Internet of Things is an evolving market with massive potential, but it also poses new security risks. 24 more words

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