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IT-Security (Part 7): WebLogic Server, Roles, Role Mapping and Configuring a Role Mapping Provider by Mohammad Esad-Djou

Let’s continue with Authorization topic. We discussed about the Authorization Process and its main components such as WebLogic Security Framework and Security Provider. Now, we look at Security Provider’s subcomponents: Role Mapping and Security Policies. 242 more words

Oops, the UPS Got Hacked!

No wonder, we have a serious problem about convincing ourselves that we are supposed to feel safe. If the dinosaur system such as the UPS can be hacked, then what can we expect to happen with the other less sophisticated and considerably weaker defended systems? 168 more words

Stalkers – an invasion of privacy?

Disclaimer: the opinions in this post are solely mine, except where I use the term “we”. This post was written of my own accord, and apart from knowing its creator, I am not affiliated to Stalkers in any way. 991 more words


Political Conflicts - Cyber Consequences

The hackers from Ukraine are dropping cyber bombs all over Poland. What is wrong with this picture? Aren’t they supposed to attack toward the East and Russia, rather than the West and Poland? 188 more words

Ex Workers + Current Access = Future Troubles

At the very core of every major serious cyber trouble, there is and always be a human related factor or error. Would you be so kind to write down this simple rule a couple of hundreds of times, for your own cyber well-being. 176 more words

Twitter VIP Hack

Oh, that was a breaking news worth mentioning, even for a couple of minutes as it has lasted. Although, it may be a little bit hard to believe, but the Russian PM Twitter account was hacked. 167 more words