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The Basic Advice - Live by your People

When asked a year ago if I would recommend my path of having kid(s) while completing my PhD, I would reply with a “mostly yes.” There were caveats, you see. 278 more words

It Takes A Village

It really does "take a village"

This is a post by Karen Bassett, an RN for over 30 years — the past 20 years at Southern Oregon Pediatrics of Medford, Oregon. 245 more words

It Takes A Village

It Still Takes a Village

Most of the time the adage “It Takes a Village” is said regarding the effective raising of children.  It references the extended family that steps up to help as needed no matter what the situation.  1,461 more words


Ask for help & say thank you

Diane and Ellie in a rare Ellie not eating moment.

When I was much younger I didn’t ask for help much. I thought I could handle anything and was too proud to reach out when I needed it. 332 more words

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Lunch with Billary: $500 Gs and Find a Village Idiot

You are probably wondering why Bill and Hillary Clinton are charging a Chinese multimillionaire $500,000 to have lunch with them.

Okay, me neither, but it’s not what you think. 390 more words

Huma Abedin