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Meet the Team

Experience has taught me one very important thing: In life and in running, it takes a village. I have a large family with a demanding schedule, so I don’t hesitate to ask for help when I need it. 541 more words


Among the wildflowers you can find... you

TONIGHT I READ at an open mic at Java Cafe, where there are some writers and poets gathering every month who talk about which words are most inviting and engaging to them, at this point in time. 313 more words

Far Is Near

Double Ugh

Puke. Lots of puke. From my son. After my daughter had it the end of last week.

What does this mean?

Well, when my daughter was ill I rescheduled my meeting with my Dean and a meeting with a new colleague and a meeting with HR all to this week. 201 more words

Current Events

Head To Head

The only person I have ever met with stubbornness able to match-if not beat-my own is my baby sister. Heck, that girl really knows how to give me a run for my money. 948 more words

It Takes An Entrepreneurial Village...!


My recent post titled “Starting a Business? Giving Birth Is Just the Beginning”, drew an analogy between giving birth and raising a child, and the process of starting and growing a new business. 585 more words


Mom Coffee

Today I joined the mom club as an honorary member. It was a blast!

I’ve mentioned The Friday Night Group before. I love them. They are wonderful and amazing. 405 more words

A little help please!

I need your help!  A lot of you agreed that it takes a village to rear a child/children.  So, let’s figure out how to create that village.   62 more words