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New eBook! '12 insights from 12 months on the road (with a kid!) #parenting #travel #expat

MY SON is now five, and has spent a full year of his life in transit with Akira and me. We didn’t know when we met 19 years ago that one day we’d be parents to a small child who’d go globetrotting with us. 710 more words

Far Is Near

...Do ANYTHING without first, a Consultation

Here’s the thing: I suffer from impulsivity. Sure, such a trait means I have an attractive spontaneity streak. But it also means that I, by turns, am stuck being either the life or the party or the ultimate party pooper. 383 more words


Slow Down

Slow down lil mama.

The streets are no place

For you.

You’ve been craving attention

Since you were two.

Started having sex

When you were ten. 665 more words

It Takes A Village

What we teach our kids

It’s a Saturday morning and as I lay in a very warm and comfortable bed thinking about whether it’s more important for me to do what I want to do or what I should be doing today, I hear the faint rumble of what sounds like a small child being crushed by a old sister. 319 more words

It takes a village. Now would someone please help me clean up the pee?

I admit it.

I need help.  Lots of it.

It takes a village, and I am living proof of that.

Even today, I, mother of ONLY 3, got breakfast eggs from my sister when she came to pick up my daughter for school. 539 more words

Stop the madness #1 - No more Super Mom mentality

Here we are… It’s the first Monday of the month, Which means it is Stop the Madness Monday and I will attempt to encourage you to turn away from the thoughts that will drive you MAD in MOTHERHOOD and embrace God’s truth instead. 1,004 more words


Stranger Danger



When was the last time you had a Stranger Danger conversation with the young people in your life?

Here is a reminder.


CTV Toronto Marlene Leung, Published Wednesday, March 20, 2013 10:13PM EDT… 476 more words

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