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Francavilla, Italy: It Takes A Village To Raise a Child

Antonio Fiumara, 1939

On February 18, 1935, just one month short of his 20th birthday, my father left his hometown in Francavilla, Italy.  He hopped on a train to Naples.   691 more words

Don't be a douche, and other life lessons I want my children to learn

One week ago, I was driving my eldest to gymnastics when my youngest (7yo) made a bold declaration from the back seat: “I’m not going to play with Shane anymore cuz he told me he doesn’t believe in God.” 477 more words

Random Shizzle

Honoring the Village

Working Moms.  I’m talking to you today.  I want to lift you up and remind you how incredibly important you are in our village of life.   615 more words

Life Lessons

We ALL need The Village

Often when I find an interesting or moving article, I will tell you that it’s worth your time to read it and reblog it or Press it.  38 more words



*  It takes a village, but we HAVE a village

I was dumbfounded, scared, sad, nervous, terrified…all of the shock and fear adjectives that is not atypical when you receive a diagnosis for your newborn child.   365 more words


Some Will See...

Tiny life

Innocent bud

Fragile seedling

Born in mud

Frail potential

Hopes to be

Strong one day

Growing free…

Some will choose

To look away… 22 more words


“It takes a village”—and that village ain’t paradise. What most “community seekers” don’t understand about building community


First, a text vignette:

Villager: Hey—do you know where the nearest registry is? Just realized our car is still unregistered!

Me: Just up the hill, by the library.

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At Least Mildly Sappy