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it’s all hype until you breathe in the moment and realize it’s all just hype and your imagination is just the place where everything happens and you try to get to it in time and… 530 more words


Gaining a Competitive advantage with Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is spoken about everywhere and movies are being made about it, small, medium and large businesses have embraced it and quite frankly it’s difficult to imagine using apps or technology without it! 897 more words

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Careers as Helpdesk Technicians steadily increasing

By Rolanda Charles

While the technology jobs of the future range from far-out titles like Artificial Intelligence Programmer to Dream Specialist, there will likely always be room for more traditional technology positions, such as a Computer Support Specialist. 300 more words

Economic Opportunity

You do what for a living?

Being a child of the ’70s and ’80s you tend to learn many random and inane quotes that may or may not serve a real purpose in a social setting fit for adults.   404 more words


Kink in the pipeline

What happens if the technology that you rely on to perform a key business function suddenly stops?  You’re effectively out of business.

“Technical Glitch Clogs Up U.S. 57 more words


ScienceLogic Launches App Store To Share Customized Monitoring Apps

ScienceLogic announced a new App Store today that enables customers and third parties to create  and share customized apps for the ScienceLogic platform.

ScienceLogic is a cloud service that lets IT pros monitor every aspect of their IT infrastructure whether it’s in the cloud or on premises, getting right down to the data center infrastructure management layer if needed. 612 more words