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New Chapter in My Naruto FanFic: Sacrifices We Make!

The second chapter is finally out on Wattpad for those curious! This is my first fanfic that I have ever written. I fell in love with fan fiction years ago and this my nervous and very over-thought publication online! 28 more words

Lễ hội

Shot 2: Lễ hội

“Nii-san…Hôm nay là ngày gì vậy?”

Sasuke tò mò hỏi, đôi mắt đen dáo dác nhìn xung quanh và bàn tay nhỏ bé nắm chặt lấy tay người bên cạnh như thế sợ lạc giữa chốn đông người này. 1,110 more words


The True Hokage - Naruto 694 Review

This Chapter in a nutshell!

Hey guys its Hauntinglime back after a long break and I think its about damn time I review a chapter of Naruto…

437 more words

Warning: SQLite3::exec(): near ")": syntax error

I don’t know the reason of this warning, I have checked the code a lot of times on the web,and I don’t find a syntax error. 104 more words


Not just a pretty face - Uchika Itachi in Naruto

Can something this pretty really be evil?

Itachi isn’t the standard bad antagonist, evil genius or psycho. But he´s a genius, and the most good-looking guy in all of Naruto, imho. 704 more words

Bad Boys