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Buscate War Memorial

Buscate is a small town located in Lombardy, about 20 kms west of Milan. Here’s a picture of its War Memorial, built obviously during fascist era. 10 more words



Why such a title? Just because the man who has sent this photograph was named “Peppino (which stands for “Giuseppe”). I think he must be the man on the right. 35 more words


Pasubio, April 1917 (part 2)

And here’s another picture of the very same men, taken on the same day (April 9, 1917).

The most interesting element (after the sunglasses evoked yesterday) is the walking stick used by the soldier. 28 more words


Pasubio, April 1917 (part 1)

I had to modify this picture because, just like 99% of the pictures taken in a snowy environment I own, it was overexposed. According to the caption on the back, this photo was taken on the Monte Pasubio on April 9, 1917. 38 more words


The Rider

And only a few weeks after my post about the monument dedicated to Italian cavalrymen, here’s a true photograph of an Italian rider! I love the contrast between the rider (probably an officer, even if I cannot see his rank) with leather gloves and the two soldiers behind him. 23 more words


Ai prodi di Morivione

4 photos for today’s post, but it’s needed. I’ve recently discovered, less than 1 km from the place where I work a small chapel, which seemed to be very similar you can find in French and Italian campaigns. 199 more words


Surrender at Cima Ekar

This interesting and moving picture comes from a book bought some days ago: Epoca – 50 anni fa: Vittorio Veneto; this book is about the last year of the war in Italy. 50 more words