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Glasses and chair

A title which clearly indicates the most striking elements of this picture: a chair and the sunglasses worn on the soldier’s cap. This picture has all classic elements of studio photographs, but was taken outside a house, in a yard. 15 more words


Fiat ID Card

A rather uncommon item for this Sunday (and found today too, by the way).This is 1920 ID card issued to a worker of Fiat factory in Turin. 71 more words


Cool Attitude

It’s now beer o’clock in Milan and I feel like this proud and relaxed Italian soldier of the 34th Reggimento di Fanteria… I wish a wonderful week-end to all my beloved readers & followers!


Mirror Effect

I rather like the mirror effect of this picture. We’ll probably never know these relationship between these two men. Were there brothers, cousins or just friends? 43 more words


Cigarette Lighting

This nice studio picture of two Italian NCOs (I think the man on the right is a sergeant) lighting their cigarettes reminded me the legend of the “Three on a match” superstition. 128 more words


Assault on Monte Cucco

A dramatic picture for today, which shows an assault of Italian infantry against Austro-Hungarian positions on Monte Cucco, in Isonzo region. This picture, like the other ones published this week, is a recent reprint of a picture previously published in war magazines, probably in this case the… 46 more words


Mutilato in guerra

Let’s present another award. This one is an Italian one, and is, as written on it (Mutilato in guerra 1915-18), an award given to Italian soldiers maimed during the War. 108 more words