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An Italian couple

For this Monday, here’s a nice pic of an Italian couple. The man is a young corporal and the lady is probably his fiancĂ©e… Who knows if he kept this picture in his uniform’s jacket?


Sergente Maggiore, Machine Gun Company

And for this Saturday, a studio picture of an Italian sergente maggiore, the shape of the rank on his sleeve indicates that the picure was taken after March 1917. 16 more words


"A" on sleeve

I own so many Italian studio photographs that I often ignore them when I find them in flea markets, even if their price can be as low as 1 Euro. 85 more words


Glasses and chair

A title which clearly indicates the most striking elements of this picture: a chair and the sunglasses worn on the soldier’s cap. This picture has all classic elements of studio photographs, but was taken outside a house, in a yard. 15 more words


Fiat ID Card

A rather uncommon item for this Sunday (and found today too, by the way).This is 1920 ID card issued to a worker of Fiat factory in Turin. 71 more words


Cool Attitude

It’s now beer o’clock in Milan and I feel like this proud and relaxed Italian soldier of the 34th Reggimento di Fanteria… I wish a wonderful week-end to all my beloved readers & followers!


Mirror Effect

I rather like the mirror effect of this picture. We’ll probably never know these relationship between these two men. Were there brothers, cousins or just friends? 43 more words