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Battle of Bir Bar 'el

Since explaining combat in the  Battle of WASHBOARD RIDGE, infantry stands have been reduced in strength by 3, reverting to the original version of NQM. See how this works with a combined infantry and tank brigade assault against  a defending battalion with anti-tank support. 166 more words

15mm Miniatures Wargames

The War Memorial of Porta Principe Railway Station (Genoa)

Much more simple than the War Memorial of Milan’s Stazione Centrale shown some time ago, here’s a pic of the Memorial hung on the walls of one of the stations of Genoa, Porta Principe.


Reading the news

I love this picture of Italian soldiers of the Marine Infantry having a break. One of them is reading the last news to his friends: we must remember that during the First World War, a good part of Italian soldiers was analphabet.


Soon a large military exercise in Sardinia with the Italian army, NATO and, perhaps, the Israeli army

Since September, military testing in Sardinia until December. The beginning of military operations is scheduled for September 21, the date agreed with the Region of Sardinia, and will continue until the end of 2014. 262 more words



This picture is rather well known in Italy, but I thought it was interesting to share it with you anyway! It was taken in Nervesa, near the Piave River in Veneto and shows how trenches were dug in the town and even in the yard of this farm!


The Prisoner

This propaganda picture gives a good idea of the state of K.u.K (Austro-Hungarian) Army in 1918: this Hungarian soldier is brought by a smiling Italian soldier towards the rear lines. He probably was a desertor.


Church as an hospital

According to the caption, this picture was taken in a church transformed in 1918 by K.u.K. (Austro-Hungarian) troops as a shelter for wounded soldiers.