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Garlic Seasoned Shrimp & Pasta Marinara

A great weeknight recipe for dinner that satisfies seafood lovers everywhere. Enjoy fresh shrimp, seasoned to perfection with a side of whole wheat linguine swimming in your favorite sauce. 144 more words

Less Than $20

Tasty (or Not) Tuesday (Eve Helps) #13. Day 98

It’s time for a Pizza Party!!  We’re all big fans of the stuff, so I figured we’d give it a whirl.  Maybe not the most healthy dinner, but sometimes you just… 544 more words

Tasty (or Not) Tuesday


         Orlando is famous for it’s  magic  tho for us that has always meant Family!  Ray’s dad  moved his family south in 1980 and they’ve been here to welcome us for Spring Breaks and Holidays ever since. 98 more words

Recipe of the Week - Baked Pasta

From the Vegetarian Entrée Collection at emealsforyou.com)

Undecided what to make for dinner tonight?  This is an easy to make dish that will be a huge hit with your family.  225 more words



So many of us these days reach for the already prepared jars of sauces to make a lasagne. But honestly, for the sake of another spoon and pot to throw into the dishwasher, a lasagne made from scratch (except for the pasta of course) is ten times tastier, and on thousand times more satisfying knowing you made this without the help of a certain  italian puppet family you would occasionally see on TV  trying to sell you sauces. 497 more words