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Day 22 'Hang on lads, I've got a plan!'

Working out of office today at a different location.  Earlier this week I did a bit of ‘recon’ not only to where it was, also how I would get there and how long it would take.   199 more words


Prince John and the first use of an iconic English phrase

On hearing of Richard I’s release from his German prison, Prince John wrote to the King of France, saying how ‘heureux’ he was that his brother was on his way home, and that he was going to Nottingham Castle to prepare a Welcome Home Party. 545 more words

Dinner and a movie

How have I never had Teppanyaki before?  I’m pretty certain I have lived the most sheltered (and by this I mean hermit) life ever.

I could barely contain my excitement what with the tap-tap-tap of the chef’s knives, the fire and the clapping from the tables surrounding us as we sat down – clearly I’m easily amused.  196 more words