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Mothers, Their Single Daughters, A Man's Stomach and A Recipe for Marriage

Influenced by what I read, see and hear, the following is what I used to believe until last month: The vast majority of young women are not anxious to marry until they’re in their 30’s. 1,210 more words

Spectacular Failure #001

In an attempt to educate the taste buds of Italy, we booked a stall at the Conzano village fair. We packed 400 packs of crisps into my Mini, one large umbrella to protect us from the blazing Italian sun and five receipt books to help us to comply with the Italian bureaucracy. 430 more words

An Englishman In Italy

One man and his pig.

One of the most rudimentary facts of life is that all Italians are insane. There is no denying or avoiding this. If you ever meet an Italian who appears to be grasping reality competently, they are either taking part in a clever ruse or lying about their nationality. 738 more words

Italian~Mexican Heritage Lost

An old Italian farm, now surrounded by warehouses and a freeway. A noble heritage of Immigrants and Migrants that toiled away for all that fresh, ‘local’ produce for a century or more. 53 more words


Our collective nervous breakdown.

A Collective Post By Some Of Italy’s Best Known Expat Bloggers

Spoiler alert: We all came to the same conclusion.




Not known at this address

So, three weeks are gone and there no postcards to show for them as I promised there would be in my previous post.

If I was in Lebanon I could  blame my broken promise on a number of things: the unreliable postal system (or unreliable internet connection to be more precise); the shortness of my daughter’s naps and therefore the shortage of time I have to write; or failing all else  I could blame it… 154 more words


A Sicilian sojourn

I wonder what Sicily conjures up for you: Lemons? The Godfather? Erupting volcanoes? Well, it’s all of those things and more and having recently returned from a short pre-Easter break  I can recommend that it be added to a places-to-go list. 1,136 more words

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