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Top 8 Survival Tips for The “Language-Challenged” in Italy

Tip #1:    Point and grunt.

Tip #2:    Always have Google Translate open on your phone and a copy of the “Alfabeto Fonetico” in your wallet. My name spelled out this way is… 151 more words


Italian Love.

I spent the next day or two exploring the Underground. It reminds me of Bart, but larger. The roaring sound of the train passing through the tunnel,  and the anticipation of each passenger preparing to board. 545 more words

What they brought to the U.S of A

This is a post of a dear friend of mine I thought i would share I did ask his permission and he gave me a thumbs up so take it way John… 243 more words


52 Ancestors, Week 1: Arnaldo Morianti

Arnaldo was born December 3rd, 1882 in the comune of Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso, Italy, not far from Venice. He had at least one brother, who was named Vittorio “Vito”. 614 more words


Dinner Delivery

 I have a huge family, so it’s hard to keep track of everyone in it. I have five aunts and seven uncles, on just my dad’s side. 1,168 more words

Men Who Aren't Italian But Rely on So-Called "Italian-ness" as Part of Their Charm.

With Williamsburg being the new Times Square and therefore the epicenter of foreigners in Brooklyn, you’ll see quite a lot of Italians running around in addition to Frenchies and Turks. 158 more words

Sunday Clickin'

Another lazy Sunday to click some links:

  1. Starting with serious stuff… I ran into this insightful video about depression. Maybe we’ve been there, maybe we know someone who has been there.
  2. 129 more words