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6th stop - Germany

I reached the conclusion that Berlin is the city that suits me the most. Yes, I did love most of the cities we visited during this amazing trip. 156 more words


10 Things I have learned about Italians

After spending 10 months in Italy I have learned a thing or two about Italians. Being in close contact with them daily showed me a different side of Italians I hadn’t seen before. 271 more words


Life advice from Mr Bean

It was this clip I had in mind today when I offered a (barely used) plastic gym card to cut slices of cheese for a picnic lunch, when we discovered the knife had been left in the car. 359 more words


La Passeggiata - The Evening Stroll in Italy

One of my favorite aspects of the Italian lifestyle is the late afternoon and early evening ritual known as la passeggiata, or the evening stroll. 449 more words

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15 Food Reasons Italians Are Better At Life (PHOTOS)

As much as we love our spaghetti & meatballs and fettucini Alfredo, we would gladly give them up for an authentic meal in Italy any day. 349 more words



According to my pocket Italian / English dictionary, the definition for Ferragosto is:-

Ferragosto takes place in Italy anywhere between the 1st and the 31th of August,  plumbers, electricians, butchers and anybody else that you need on a day to day basis or may need in a crisis, leave town and either head to the mountains or the seaside for 1 to 31 days. 573 more words

An Englishman In Italy

What can the Italians do for their country?





Italians need to show the world that Italy is not a land of old men but a country full of forward thinkers who want to make Italy into a top nation. 711 more words