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Around town: The generosity of people of Black Diamond

Originally published in the BDHS newsletter, February 2001

By Dorothy Franz Corlett

The people of Black Diamond were generous people. They looked after their own in time of need. 613 more words


Unusual souvenirs from Italy.

Every country has items which represent it´s history and traditions the best. In my eyes, those items make also the best present. And while roaming around the streets of any city in Italy, you may find markets and tiny shops where You can find unique and beautiful items to take with You to home or give as a souvenir to Your loved ones. 501 more words

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Unusual souvenirs - food.

I think I am not the only one who usually postpones buying souvenirs to the last minute. Just because I never know what to buy. Of course souvenir shops are full of magnets, cups, t-shirt and other this kind of stuff but if Your shelves or the ones of your loved ones are full of cups with writing “I love ….” on them and You would like to bring back as a memory something different then here are some of my ideas for Italy. 556 more words

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The All-American Family

I am of Italian-American extraction; I had four grand-parents, all born in Italy and therefore by “blood” I am as Italian as anyone walking around Italy today. 617 more words


"Short(er) shorts"


I know you are all seriously curious as to what happened to Ruby after he POOFed out from the bottom of the sea.

So am I. 3,595 more words