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Oprah's Racist Tweet Provokes International Outrage

Oprah Winfrey, known widely as a champion of tolerance and equality, is on a rapid descent into the bowels of public scorn after tweeting the above racial slur. 243 more words


Paying Attention

I have a hard time paying attention a fair amount of time when I’m reading. My mind tends to wander and I lose focus. Rhetoric can help me with this, keep me engaged with the text and thinking. 440 more words

Amoeba Piece

Ironically kitschy phrases and catchy rhythms, a slant rhyme that I’m proud of, and what do they add up to? It may be a bit of sporadic wit and a moment of acute observation. 733 more words

Writing Fluid Fiction: How To Use Italics

I’ve put on my editing hat before to break down the difference between passive and active voice, discuss grammatical aspect (the progressive and perfect forms of verbs), and even to give an overview of… 1,008 more words

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