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Morning joe

Cappuccino. At Mercato di San Lorenzo. Florence, Italy.

2nd day of #100HAPPYDAYS

2nd day of #100HAPPYDAYS
These guys were amazing cool – dancing by their boutique just because they can, just because they felt like, just because they had a good mood. 25 more words


Dear Florence...

You should probably know that I fell in love with you. You are unlike other cities I have visited before, where I have found myself despising the hustle and bustle of some cities… I couldn’t help but find it one of your many endearing qualities. 47 more words


To end on a sweet note

Biscotti dipped in white wine. Murano, Italy.

Recanati, Leopardi's hometown

Before academic travel the class read a fair amount of Giacomo Leopardi’s poetry and about his background. Leopardi grew up in Recanati, which is a walled-in city in the Marche region. 496 more words



Situated on the stunning Amalfi Coast, this village was one of my favourite places on my trip around Italy. It is the hardest place to get to if you don’t have your own car  – train down to Salerno from Naples and ferry all the way back up. 142 more words

Riding the Volcano

The island of Vulcano, situated off the north coast of Sicily, has an active crater which you can hike up to. It is possible to circumvent the crater on a narrow rim, walking through the smoke and the fumes at times, but you have to watch every step to avoid stepping into one of the hot crevices or to slip and slide down into the center of the crater. 25 more words