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SQL Server - Cursor Example

Cursors in SQL Server allow developers to iterate through a collection of values, normally based off a select statement. This is very useful for scripts that must apply to many items at once. 89 more words

SQL Server

Discovery and Delivery: A Balancing Act

After returning to work and the world of video game development, I continued to reflect on David Hussman’s point about balancing discovery and delivery when leading agility. 405 more words


Uncovering and Embracing Teacher Creativity

Yesterday I facilitated a jam packed session on teacher creativity at the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference (TRETC). We talked about what it means to be a creative teacher and how to become more creative. 80 more words

Big Ideas

Emblem 047 Last year's sorrow is this year's joy

Nothing’s finished yet. What events of the past mean to you continues to change as you change. Memories aren’t movies, and thoughts aren’t tiny objects. Everything is made of something alive, changing as it changes. 14 more words


10 Insightful Playtest Questions

Playtests are always a valuable way to evaluate the state of your game, but it’s important to observe the right signs and ask the right questions in order to get objective and worthwhile feedback. 1,408 more words

Game Design

installation progress

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looking good for you, looking good for them, it’s important to me, wheel of change, evolution of narcissism, are you attracted? 535 more words

Fractals: The Up-Goer-Five Edition

As my first post, I’ll post my most recent (as of now) rambling.

If you’re reading this, then most likely you’re also a fan of xkcd. 1,579 more words