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Gargoyles: Iteration 5

Again, here is some more iteration on one of my gargoyle sculpts. I love looking back and seeing a transformation!

Start sculpt:

Iterations and process: 22 more words

BA2 Gargoyles

Gargoyles: Iteration 4

Whilst I faced the same problem as in my last post, I found it useful to see how my sculpt transformed through the process because I feel there is unexplored potential in some. 26 more words

BA2 Gargoyles

Gargoyles: Iteration 3

I tried modifying one of my more advanced sculpts but found this quite difficult because of how much more thought out this sculpt was. His exaggerated facial expression made it difficult to change. 11 more words

BA2 Gargoyles

Gargolyes: Iteration 2

I found the process of going back through different stages of my sculpt and changing it really helpful, so I have decided to do it with a few more of my sculpts. 11 more words

BA2 Gargoyles

Gargoyles: Iteration 1

I went back through my sculpts and changed them and took them further and changed them again. This is because I realised that my earlier sculpts possibly had more potential than I initially thought as my sculpting abilities have since improved. 32 more words

BA2 Gargoyles



– from Burrito Bison


1. simplified version only showing items

2. adding mascot to show what it would look like in use

3. simplify further for optimal layout and user experience – also shows which item is in use (x)