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We are doing iterations - so we are Agile and Lean?

Recently, I was looking at a team that was doing work planning and the focus seemed to be on Iterations or Sprints – Marking the start and end dates, figuring out capacity, what they can do in that sprint, what their commitment is etc… all good stuff, but… 497 more words


End Of Iteration 2014w15

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Code Generation

I wrote new tasks, templates using my AjGenesis code generation tool. I create a simple:


to generate a Django web site, with admin page. 518 more words

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Circus, final iteration

My friend gave me the brilliant idea of having the traveling circus in train carriages.
I decided to use this and the character designs to create a short story and possibly later an animation.

Circus, first iteration

Environment design for the Firebreather character I created.

Fail Faster

So many times people say “Rome was not built in a day”.

Although this (cliche) phrase is certainly true, it is probably not the whole story. 352 more words


End Of Iteration 2014w14

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Code Generation

I updated my template engine in JavaScript, with a minor change to skip new lines in some contexts:

https://github.com/ajlopez/SimpleTpl… 288 more words

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