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EPI Strings 6 Look And Say


Write a function that takes as input an integer n and returns the n-th integer in the look-and-say sequence. Return the result as a string… 149 more words

Technical And Interview And Data Science

Pretty Pictures: a Mandelbrot Sweep

Most certainly you have already heard about the Mandelbrot set. It is defined as the set of complex numbers c, for which the iteration (starting with z = 0) 90 more words


Blue Collar Design - Aaron Draplin

I often watch videos to try and gain a little bit of inspiration but this is fascinating from the team at Lynda.com. ‘Lynda.com is an online learning company that helps anyone learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals’ 115 more words

James Rice

One Netiquette Many Netiquettes

Netiquette, social rules for the internet, has been codified, updated, and brought into version control with Git on Bitbucket. Netiquettes are the… 281 more words


3. Iterations

For this brief, the task was to draw eight designs of an hand-held electrical cattle prod with clear controls. Here are my initial and cleaned up designs: 498 more words


2. Composition

This brief is the composition exercise: we were told that we don’t really have to spend too much time on this because it is only supposed to be simple but is meant to get us thinking about the placement of objects and characters in our concepts (leading to great final images!). 180 more words