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How to use modulo operator in fluid/Extbase

I`m tring to display something after checking the iterator. So I have

> display me

but it doesn`t work. What am I missing ? 31 more words


The Philosopher Box..

n philosophers were sitting at a table trying to find the key to open the box that unleashes all the secrets of the world . 860 more words


Nullum Magnum Ingenium Sine Mixtura Dementiae Fuit

Because why not?

There is no great genius without some touch of madness!

I fail at pulling off the Einstein face.
Very soon you’ll find out what and all is scrawled onto the board behind me. 62 more words


#1,197 - Iterator Can Generate Enumerable of Infinite Length

An iterator can be written to generate an enumerable sequence of infinite length.  The iterator will execute for as long as client code continues to request the next element in the sequence. 118 more words


How to iterate through a HashMap containing an array

When one starts using the Java Iterator class to go through a HashMap, it is easy to forget that if you insert an array into your HashMap, you have to “go down” another iteration level. 62 more words


working of Linked List and build in function..

import java.util.*;
public class LinkedListEx {
    public static void main(String []args){
        String[] str={"Ashish","Manish","Sanjeet","Ashish","Rohit","Manish","Raj"};
        List<String> list=new LinkedList<String>();
        for(String x:str)
    public static void printList(List<String> l){
        ListIterator<String> it=l.listIterator();
            System.out.print("  "+it.next());
    public static void reverse(List<String> l){
        ListIterator<String> it=l.listIterator(l.size());
            System.out.print("  "+it.previous());
    public static void removeFromTo(List<String> l,int start,int end){
        l.subList(start, end).clear();         //from start to end-1 as it start from index 0



#1,195 - Iterator Produces Only as Many Elements as Are Needed

When implementing an iterator, you write code that generates a sequence of elements using the yield return statement to return each consecutive element.

The full body of the iterator code may not execute.   151 more words