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Parallel Streams and Spliterators

Today we are going to look at one of the aspects where using streams is a real win – when we need to thread work. As well as parallel streams, we will also look at Spliterators which acts as the machinery which pushes elements into the pipeline. 2,519 more words

Java 8 Functional Programming

Iterator Part - II

In this part of the lesson on Iterator, we will look into how Iterator is implemented by different collections and some of it most common uses. 784 more words


Iterator Part - I

What is an Iterator ?

List and Set Collections provide iterators that allow traversing the collection in a sequential manner.The specifications for creating an iterator is provided via the Iterator interface. 548 more words


How to refresh the Iterator from the Managed Bean in ADF Mobile applciation.

When we want to programmatically refresh the Iterator “addressBookResultIterator” the was added in the AMX Page Bindings section from the Managed bean, we need to use the below code – 47 more words

ADF Mobile

Iterator & Iterable [Java]

Iterator (Interface)

在介绍java.util.Iterator前,先看一个例子。我们要访问一个数组的方式是使用索引(array[i]),而要访问一个链表中的一个节点,则是需要从链表的头开始不断查找(node.next)。以上两种方法客户必须事先知道集合的内部结构,访问代码和集合本身是紧密耦合的,无妨将访问逻辑从集合类和客户端代码中分离出来,每一种集合对应一种遍历方法,客户端代码无法复用。更为糟糕的是,如果以后想把ArrayList更换为LinkedList,则远离的客户端必须全部重写。 175 more words


Java集合类 [1]



Finite sequence generators in Java 8

… and introducing default methods.

Last time we looked at generators, and more specifically those generating an infinite sequence. We saw that there were several ways to achieve this: 1,018 more words

Functional Programming