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Parallel Streams and Spliterators

Today we are going to look at one of the aspects where using streams is a real win – when we need to thread work. As well as parallel streams, we will also look at Spliterators which acts as the machinery which pushes elements into the pipeline. 2,605 more words

Functional Programming

Iterator Part - II

In this part of the lesson on Iterator, we will look into how Iterator is implemented by different collections and some of it most common uses. 784 more words


Iterator Part - I

What is an Iterator ?

List and Set Collections provide iterators that allow traversing the collection in a sequential manner.The specifications for creating an iterator is provided via the Iterator interface. 548 more words


How to refresh the Iterator from the Managed Bean in ADF Mobile applciation.

When we want to programmatically refresh the Iterator “addressBookResultIterator” the was added in the AMX Page Bindings section from the Managed bean, we need to use the below code – 47 more words

ADF Mobile