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It's Time

So welcome to my first official blog post. I say “official” because I have written on a blog forum under a pen name, then I shut it down because I become afraid of being exposed. 570 more words


It’s About Time: Project Omar, Part One

Hey, have you guys heard of this show called The Wire? It was on HBO like a bajillion years ago. Just discovered it, and I can’t believe no one’s talking about it yet. 1,209 more words


It's About Time!

The following was written at the Dep’t of Motor Vehicles while waiting for my number to be called.

Time, and space too, are “merely” human constructs. 524 more words

You Can Now Share Tweets Using Twitter's Direct Messages

Though it might seem like a feature that should’ve been in place already, the ability for Twitter users to share tweets of interest via the platform’s direct messages option is something the company just rolled out this week. 163 more words


Been stalling for too long, nothing much happening, then something has to be happening, again.

Been in this situation for too long, something went wrong, so gotta do something to right the wrongs. 82 more words

A War

Kids Tasked With Dumping Alaska Village’s “Honey Buckets” Likely Psyched To Finally Get Indoor Plumbing

Aren’t chores the worst, kids? Yes, sure, taking out the trash and emptying the dishwasher are both bummer gigs, but let’s all just thank our lucky stars that we were never in charge of dumping buckets of human waste at the town receptacle. 372 more words