My Top 3 episodes from each season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia : Season 1 - Season 9

I watch this show way too much. I have honestly watched each episode from each season at least 5 times. Thank god for Netflix, because it has eight full seasons. 1,682 more words


On second thought: 'Pacific Rim'

What I thought of Pacific Rim after my initial viewing: I thought it sucked up one side and down the other. The human performances were lacking at best. 265 more words


My Favorite Show It's

My Favorite Show is
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The Man puts it on
to lull me to sleep
at night. It’s the only
thing I want to watch… 131 more words


Dennis Reynolds, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Sociopath/Psychopath

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia doesn’t hide the fact that its characters are some of the scummiest, most horrendous, immoral meat sacks around. And there’s never any doubt that Dennis is the worst. 150 more words

The Definitive TV Comedy Power Rankings (Getting You Through The Rest of Summer)

There are certain unmistakeable truths of every summer:

  • You start all conversations by commenting on how amazing the weather is.
  • While you love that it’s light out until 8pm, you hate that the sun rises at 5:30am.
  • 1,944 more words
General BS

The Gang From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is Writing a Self-Help Book

(Amazon) – The Gang may have finally found their golden ticket. Left alone to close down Paddy’s Pub one night, Charlie Kelly inadvertently scored himself, and his friends, the opportunity of a lifetime—a book deal with a real publishing company, real advance money, and a real(ly confused) editor. 208 more words

Random Thoughts

The 'Always Sunny' Gang Will Solve Your Problems With New Self Help Book

Are Charlie, Dennis, Dee, Mac, and Frank qualified to be giving sound advice?  You be the judge.

One thing The Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang never fails at is getting themselves into ridiculous shenanigans. 272 more words