Sick Bed

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Can I just say that being sick sucks! I don’t get sick often but I’ve been fighting a fever and congestion for the last 4 days (although it feels like its been forever) and I’ve been pretty miserable. 67 more words

Summer watching

During the Summer most people spend as much time in the outdoors as possible, I on the other hand try to avoid the sunshine and sweltering heat by binge-watching new and old shows and subscribing to Netflix during the never ending months of hiatus. 660 more words


Really, Amazon? (A Review of "Really")

Review by Miller

Amazon’s latest original TV series Really is a comedy starring, written by, and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, a guy you may know as that decently funny Indian guy in the Broken Lizard movies. 772 more words


September 15, Day 31

I present to you today’s saving grace, this “Kitten Mittons” ad, otherwise known as the best 1 minute and 5 seconds you’ll spend all year.


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