It’s always sunny in Philadelphia est pour moi la meilleure série comique qu’il m’ait été donné de voir. Unique en son genre elle s’amuse à casser tous les codes de la sitcom. 497 more words

Séries TV

I'm addicted to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I don’t know how and why this happened but I’m now addicted to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It all started one hungover morning(you know when your brain doesn’t function). 344 more words


Someone Animated The 'Charlie Dating Profile' Scene from 'It's Always Sunny' And It Is Stupendous

This video popped up on the YouTube channel Birdloaf last week, which animates — in my opinion — one of the funnier scenes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… 125 more words


Episode 4- Top Television series

Since I made a list of my favourite movies, I decided to share with everyone a list of my favourite television series!

Again, this won’t be in a particular order, I love all my shows equally and hope you take my suggestions and enjoy them as well! 364 more words

Season 1- 2014/2015

The Best Of The Best

UGHHH showers are the worst. It is difficult being a man trying to grow long hair because everyone and their mom (seriously people’s moms love me for some reason) tell me not to wash my hair every day. 515 more words

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Just Call Me The Urban Snow White

My morning started at 2:00 AM. It was a familiar sound – One that I had not heard since the previous Winter. It was the distinct sound of something clawing its way through my wall, our bodies separated only by 1970s wood paneling. 770 more words