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“I wish I could take credit for being that smart, but I can’t.”

Dang.  Even I’m not cynical enough to suggest that Georgia paid for Todd Gurley’s increased insurance coverage only because Gurley (or his attorney) demanded that as a condition for his return to the team from NCAA suspension. 34 more words

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"It's part of the job, though, definitely."

USA Today takes a look at what Mark Richt does to earn a living.  There’s a lot more than just coaching games.

It’s Richt’s job to maximize that revenue.

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Logic is fine, but money is better.

So, who said this?

“… The reality is that commercialism and its attendant pressures have been a part of college sports from the beginning.”

If you guessed one of the economists who testified on behalf of the plaintiffs during the…

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It's Just Bidness

“It is currently a revenue source that is not tapped.”

Clemson’s athletic department isn’t hurting for money, but it never hurts to ponder where the next set of wallets will come from, especially in the new age of autonomy.   18 more words

It's Just Bidness

“They have to find some way of balancing the profit motive with all the other strange objectives of a university athletics program.”

This WSJ story about how Auburn had to figure out a way last season to fill up its stadium against Georgia and Auburn without having tickets fall into enemy hands ( 78 more words

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Who needs autographs when you've got FanPay?

In another potential body blow to an already wobbly NCAA amateurism model, John Infante suggests that the next wrinkle in crowdfunding is probably something the organization is powerless to stop.

Ain’t technology grand?

It's Just Bidness

"But I think their fear is fear of change. Everybody fears change."

Two very telling quotes from Jon Solomon’s piece about Jeffrey Kessler:

“I think if we go down the road of paying football and men’s basketball players, as the agents and their agents, the trial lawyers, would like us to do … we’re going to be put in a situation as a series of enterprises that we’re going to be forced to make that exact decision, that the non-revenue sports are going to get eliminated,” Texas athletic director Steve Patterson said at a recent forum sponsored by the Big 12.

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