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"I thought college athletes had it pretty good."

Stewart Mandel has a good summary of how college athletics has gotten itself into its current predicament:

Attempting to legislate a level playing field is seemingly reasonable.

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College Football

These kids think they've got it so hard.

You gotta love this:

  • Mike Gundy reminisces fondly about his offseasons as a college football player – “There were still offseason workouts, but mostly ‘we hung out at the pool.’”
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Tuesday morning buffet

Eat; you look hungry.

  • StingTalk is always good for a chuckle“We should be getting great press about how there were over 2000 people huddled under the eaves for an off season scrimmage in the middle of a 45 degree torrential downpour, which was the actual truth.
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College Football

Watching the river flow

At Northwestern, they’re frantically trying to convince the players to put the unionization genie back in the bottle.  The student-athletes and their families have questions, and, hey, the school has answers.  564 more words

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Membership has its privileges.

With yesterday’s news of yet another antitrust suit filed against the NCAA, this seems like sage advice.

But events — lawsuits, the Northwestern case — are moving faster than the NCAA membership is.

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An outbreak of common sense?

I’m shocked – not in the Captain Renault sense, either – that the NBA is considering a tradeoff like this:

In the dispute over what should be done about age limits for players coming out of college basketball and entering the draft, expect the NBA’s D-League to become a major battlefield.

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Eh, what's in a name?

I appreciate that the Chick-fil-A Bowl is bringing “Peach” back to the name, but c’mon, guys, this?

“It got down to what is our history, what is our heritage, what is our tradition and how can we pay homage to that in our name,” Stokan said.

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