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It's My Birthday!

Today is my birthday, I’m officially old(er) so I thought I’d share some of my favourite images over the past few months, as hopefully later today I’ll be enjoying a delicious meal with my partner. 88 more words


It's My Birthday!

Aah, how birthdays used to feel when I was younger, all the hype and excitement of getting older and being able to have ‘big girls toys’, but now, birthdays just don’t feel the same as they used to; I guess that comes with getting older, but I have to say, I miss the days when a birthday was a huge deal. 164 more words

It's My Birthday, It's My Birthday

Yip tomorrow I turn the big 3 – 0! I know scary thought! Now believe me when I say having a birthday on NYE is pretty rubbish. 154 more words


Wait . . . what?

So it’s been a long while since you’ve heard from me (in case you didn’t notice). ┬áIt’s true the holidays really just keep you so busy you don’t know when to stop and take a breathe! 232 more words

Good Times

25122014 2359

First of all, a huge huge thank you to everyone who SMSed/whatsapped/Lined/Facebooked me with the warm birthday wishes, they were all very well received! I spent a quiet birthday at home, and it was filled with lots of food, drinks, laughter and most of all LOVE! 402 more words

Heart Of Allysium

It's MY Birthday, I'll Get Freebies If I Want To

Yay to Birthdays! Boo to getting older. My birthday is coming up on December 30th. I cried on my 25th birthday; I was finally closer to 30 than 20. 191 more words


Birthday gifts from my sister!!!

Did you know I recently had a birthday? You did? You are so smart. My sister is the best gift giver IN THE WORLD and this year she blew me away. 74 more words

Much Ado About Nothing.