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Reason #138 - I stress myself

I get stressed very easily and I don’t always help myself.

I will put off assignments until the last minute then stress when I start them the week before. 15 more words


Reason #137 - I don't learn

The routine is always exfoliate then shave and there is a reason for this, which is it freaking hurts to do it the other way. 163 more words


Boys to Men - Is it Possible?

In short, no. Sorry ladies.

I’m a wrinkled up, condescending, old lady, at 32. Want to know why? One word: boys.

I’ve been told to call the particular male subject as ‘boy’, not man or gentlemen, boy.  941 more words


the trigger in me

Imagine…chatting with a group of friends over a glass of wine. Conversations volley from one person to another. Topics range from work, romance, life in general, and family. 462 more words

Personal Brand

Reason #134 - Twas Convenience, Not Curiosity, that Killed the Cat

As mentioned in my previous post I can be lazy, that’s why I was so excited by the innovation that is spray-on moisturiser. It’s so easy! 330 more words


Reason #131 - PMS

PMS effect every woman differently. Mostly in a negative way. When it comes to me, I would say that PMS has the same effect on me as anger on Bruce Banner. 92 more words


Dear Bikram Yoga

Dear Bikram Yoga,

I was initially really excited to see you again after nearly three years of being apart. It was great to see you in a new city, with a great facility and an instructor that seemed really nice. 326 more words