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Trial and lots of error.

The number of tiny plans that have to be prepared for, executed and finalized to relocate across the country can seem insurmountable. After three months of running through checklists, we’re finally getting close to making the transition from “just got here” to “we live here.” 123 more words

Opposite Day

It's Not You It's Me

Often, as an author you walk this incredibly fine line between things that represent awesome, dynamic and deep storylines and things that will be a total bore to potential readers. 390 more words

Breaking Up With Writer's Block

Dear Writer’s Block:

It’s not you, it’s me. I cannot keep seeing you every day. You bring me down and you keep me idle as if my hands were tied and my thoughts are like mush. 223 more words

Creative Writing

It's not you Thailand, it's me: Feelings of inadequacy

Just the other day I was face timing with my sister and I mentioned that I felt inadequate, I don’t remember what I was referring to but she laughed and said that that was my favourite word. 1,227 more words