Tags » It's Summer (again)

SVU #23, Sweet Kiss of Summer: Can You Believe These People Were in Charge of Saving Lives?

Summary: Summer is wrapping up, and the lifeguards of Sweet Valley Shore are getting ready for their annual triathlon, where they’ll compete against their South Beach rivals. 1,679 more words


SVU #22, Elizabeth's Summer Love: Everyone Loves a Brooding Hunk

Summary: It’s been a month since the last book, and guess who’s not having a good summer? Jessica Wakefield, that’s who. She hates her job, Ben keeps bugging her, and worst of all, Elizabeth took the guy she wanted. 1,803 more words


SVU #21, For the Love of Ryan: Maybe These People Shouldn't Be Dating Their Co-Workers In the First Place?

Summary: Another summer has rolled around, and this year, the twins plan to do something useful with their time: They’re going to be lifeguards. Apparently there is a Sweet Valley Shore, which is a happening place for celebrities. 1,474 more words