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Places where death is forbidden

The Japanese island of Itsukushima is a sacred place, no deaths or births are permitted at the island. Itsukushima is located about 20 km southwest of Hiroshima city and is about 10 km long and about 4 km wide. 167 more words


Miyajima: High Impact Deer Violence

So you want to go to Hiroshima, but don’t fancy crying your eyes out for the whole day? Why not visit Miyajima, town located on  790 more words

Japan, Day 06: Miyajima (Floating O-torii, Mt. Misen)

(Thursday, December 26, 2013)

I mentioned Kyoto as being my favorite place that we visited. My second favorite is a tie between Miyajima and Churaumi Aquarium. 4,471 more words


Fighting fire with fire

I coincided my visit to Miyajima with the fire prevention festival (known as Chinkasai) held annually on 31 December. As night fell, tourists and locals gathered along the narrow street facing the famous… 237 more words


Return to 1986

This is my cousin Ken’s first trip without his parents.  I think he was six years old at the time. That is my brother Keith in the back with the trucker hat.   49 more words


Miyajima island and Iwakuni

Yesterday I made lots of rabbit friends and today it was Bambi’s turn when I visited Miyajima island, famous for the floating torii gate at the Itsukushima Shrine which I remember first seeing on the BBC’s opening credits for its World Cup 2002 programmes. 262 more words


The Shrine Island

During my younger days, my impression of Japan was simple –  Japan is where anime and the best video gaming consoles came from (sorry Xbox fans). 280 more words