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Air Embolism - "Never Event" Safety

Air emboli are considered a never event by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. There is only a handful of rare situations in which an Air Embolism can occur naturally – all other occurrences are a direct result of hospital specific procedures. 201 more words

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Naturopathic Medicine: A Holistic Philosophy

Naturopathic medicine is a growing and expanding philosophy of health care that is increasingly gaining recognition and respect in the mainstream. Patients in increasing numbers have become frustrated with the current state of conventional care and are seeking different approaches to their health challenges. 264 more words

Let The Good Times Roll? Cocaine use and Heart Failure in Younger Populations

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death throughout the United States as well as the leading reason for hospital admission. Within this massive population, is a really unique subgroup – younger patients with decompensated heart failure who have abused cocaine. 352 more words

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New Technology for the Blood Service

Thought this video was worth sharing.  This is a great product.

This technology has made such a difference that The Infusion Nurse Society has endorsed it’s use citing multiple papers all done with the VeinViewer by  Christie. 8 more words

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What is Naturopathic Medicine

Hi Everybody I have just made a new video explaining what Naturopathic Medicine is. I hope you enjoy it!


A Quick Look at Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections

The term Central Line refers to an intravascular catheter that ends near either the heart or one of the great vessels. These are often for used for critical infusions, the withdrawal of blood, and hemodynamic monitoring. 297 more words

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A Brief Look At Phlebitis:

IV therapy is a frequent practice that is performed all-around the world in order to facilitate rapid and accurate administration of medication. Although the practice is unbelievably common, it is still fairly invasive and there are a wide range of potential iv therapy complications that can occur. 274 more words

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