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What is Naturopathic Medicine

Hi Everybody I have just made a new video explaining what Naturopathic Medicine is. I hope you enjoy it!


A Quick Look at Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections

The term Central Line refers to an intravascular catheter that ends near either the heart or one of the great vessels. These are often for used for critical infusions, the withdrawal of blood, and hemodynamic monitoring. 297 more words

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A Brief Look At Phlebitis:

IV therapy is a frequent practice that is performed all-around the world in order to facilitate rapid and accurate administration of medication. Although the practice is unbelievably common, it is still fairly invasive and there are a wide range of potential iv therapy complications that can occur. 274 more words

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More On Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Cancer, fibromyalgia, depression, or any other life changing medical diagnosis can spur individuals to search for additional solutions in order to better help their treatment. At its most basic form, Complementary and Alternative Medicine refers to any system, practice, or product use that is not considered standard care in the western world. 428 more words

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An excellent I.V. therapy nurse is made, not born. There is no way that the essential skills needed to master the art of IV insertion… 255 more words

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Learn More about Vitamin C Infusions

Precisely what is Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

Vitamin infusion therapy (also known as IV Micronutrient Therapy) is a method of providing minerals, essential vitamins, along with other organic contents right into a patient’s bloodstream. 135 more words

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Notes on Preventing Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections

Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections are one of the major hospital acquired infections in the United States. To give a scope of the issue – over 200,000 CLABSIs are reported across the nation each year – the vast majority are preventable. 216 more words

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