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Well, I’ve had my endometriosis surgery and they didn’t find a single speck of endometriosis or anything else.  And that sucked.  So, I’m kind of curious about all of these symptoms I have, because I was certain they were endo.   193 more words

National Infertility Awareness Week

Infertility is a condition rarely spoken about any louder than in a hushed, whispered tone. It is an ugly word that most people don’t understand or just feel uncomfortable about. 843 more words

how to confuse your pharmacist 101


fill a prescription for pre-natal vitamins and a prescription for birth control at the same time



dear {future} baby g,

tomorrow is a big day for us.  tomorrow your father and i have an appointment with my RE, his nurse, and the financial counselors at his office to learn about the IVF process.   407 more words


mrs cranky pants !!!

I’m on to Stim day 3 today! Woop woop! (Although I’ve not taken my fix yet!) But talk about cranky! Oh emm gee!

I could easily have gotten into a fight with the obnoxious a’holes I met on the road today! 213 more words


Giant Negative Drama Queen

So. I am being a Giant Negative Drama Queen. I have to get up and go for my blood test at 7:30 AM and immediately be at work at 8:15. 719 more words


My Embryo Transfer- The 411

Today, I had my embryos transferred ! I went in an hour early to do acupuncture and then went down to meet my nurse and get prepped for the transfer. 171 more words