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Gone fishing

Holiday o’clock tomorrow. 10 days of sunshine, swimming in the sea, eating fine foods and cocktails awaits me. Obviously, I’d rather be pregnant and puking my face off in the toilet at home while it rains and thunders outside, but going on holiday is a close(ish) second I guess. 325 more words


Happy birthday to Louise Brown!

36 years ago, the first IVF baby was born to a couple in England. Her mother had blocked fallopian tubes, so this was the couple’s only chance of conceiving. 61 more words

Baby Making Blues

I had a conversation with a friend a few days ago about procreation and she said that she doesn’t want to have children. It was interesting because, she had reasons and even asked me why I want to have lil ones. 534 more words


Widow is denied the chance to have dead husband's baby after NHS bosses 'refuse IVF on the grounds she is SINGLE'

Nursery nurse Donna Turner has been refused the chance to have her dead husband’s baby because NHS bosses said it would make her a single parent. 98 more words

time flies when ...

it’s said that time flies when you’re having fun but I think it seems to fly when you’re just trotting through a soup of normality too. 294 more words


Embryo transfer!

Today began on a high note. I woke up before my alarm to many messages on here and via texts, wishing me good luck for the transfer. 1,243 more words

My Reaction to Fertility Meds

Gonal-f: Nasty tasting. I know it’s an injection, but I can taste it. Yuck.
Menopur: This stings by itself. If mixed with Gonal-f, it doesn’t sting as bad. 46 more words