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Our fundraiser shirt

We are financially stable and hoping IVF #2 works but we are planning ahead in case we have to do further IVF cycles or if we decide to adopt. 157 more words


Time For Progesterone Support ! - The 411

Today I had to start progesterone support. I was given Crinone Gel and also Estrace tablets both to be inserted vaginally.

I, of course, am not too happy with the crinone cause it is akin to yeast infection meds. 32 more words


Give me the chocolate and nobody will get hurt ...

My diet is healthy. I avoid empty carbs, I eat predominately organic food, I avoid gluten and limit my dairy and most of the time I’m fine with that. 120 more words


A Severance Letter to My Reproductive System

So I’ve been taking time to sort out all my feelings and such about the information presented to us: that I have a very very low chance of conceiving even with help and an even lower chance of carrying the baby to term. 764 more words

Doing This

So it appears we are actually doing this IVF thing. Mad Scientist called us back last night AT 10:30. He schedules call-backs on Friday evenings after he’s finished seeing patients. 553 more words

My Freak Out

So I woke up this morning and wanted to POAS (Pee on a stick), and we had one last pregnancy test left. Half asleep, I went for it. 364 more words


The Medical Derivation…. the word-Infertile goes ended by.

Wallah! A warm thank goes for the medical derivation to have been pitching an access for healthy living. Yes, believe on the Medicine that has its presence significant in ascertaining every kind of medical disorder/condition extinct within a flash of eye-winking. 234 more words