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Murray speaks out for Labor, against New York Capitalists

In 1896, unions were struggling for fair wages in the mining industry. Rapid consolidation under eastern corporations brought significant power to mine owners. The owners were moving to crush the unions. 261 more words


Monday Morning Music - Happy Labor Day!

It’s another Labor Day here in the U.S. The workers actually had a bit of a victory in Massachusetts recently with the whole Market Basket thing… 198 more words


Introducing Fellow Worker Tom Barker

Tom Barker

“Are you going to share this material with your fellow workers?” the Wobbly behind the IWW table asked me, sternly. I was at the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair. 761 more words

Oral History

Tom Barker: Words for the Toilers of the Sea

Those were the days when the courageous trader matched his endurance against the elements, and ventured his frail ship against the unknown seas. Today trade is in the hands of lily-livered, avaricious misers with many titles and little honor, sordid robber barons with frock coats, front pews and unnatural carnal appetites.

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Vegan, anarchist cafe faces closure

Via: LibCom.org

Known as a wonderful radical community space in Portland, Oregon, the Red & Black Cafe has also been an important resource for Portland’s houseless community. 348 more words

March on the Boss, Samsung Bristol

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On Thursday 10th of July members of Bristol IWW and friends visited the Samsung phone shop on Park Street in Bristol to speak to anĀ  544 more words


The tragedy of radicalism and the desire for hope

I have just finished watching An Injury to one, a beautiful and damning documentary about the lynching of IWW agitator Frank Little in the now unlivable cesspit of Butte, Montana. 382 more words