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So as the year trudges on, we keep getting little bits of leaked info for the upcoming J.J. Abrams/Disney installment in the next Star wars installment and I’m feeling alright about it. 294 more words


Star Wars Director Rian Johnson Promises More Practical Effects in Episode VII

I don’t know about you guys, but as a former makeup artist, I’m a big fan of the practical in films. Both in creature design and, well, everywhere else. 270 more words


Everything You Need to Know About ‘Star Trek 3′

Original article as posted can be seen here

This article can also be seen on The Daily Cougar’s blog here

Given the commercial and critical success of… 576 more words

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Huge Update on the Villains of "Star Wars: Episode VII"

I was going to re-type a large post that I made over at Starburst Magazine that features some pretty cool new news, including pictures, on the villains of J.J. 54 more words


Star Wars Saturday: Daisy Ridley's Character - Hero or Merely Bad-Ass Love Interest?

Daisy Ridley has signed contracts for all three of the new Star Wars sequels, signifying that she’s got a significant role. I’m not sure that’s news, really, since she was the only female actor alongside Carrie Fisher at the first script read-through. 245 more words


Star Wars Episode VII Han Solo Concept Art & Stormtrooper Helmet Leaked

IndieRevolver.com released two sets of images related to the ongoing Star Wars Episode VII production today.  The first was a set of images featuring what appears to be… 251 more words


'Star Wars' Clues Possibly Hidden In J.J. Abrams Latest Tweet

In a tweet already being analyzed from here to Yavin, “Star Wars: Episode VII” director J.J. Abrams posted an image of a robotic hand that could be a clue about the new film. 191 more words