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Star Trek: Into Darkness Review: Set Phasers to Over-Used Joke (L&F)

And there it is: Another summer, another blockbuster, and another sequel. Had J.J. Abrams made it under usual circumstances, Star Trek: Into Darkness could have been yet another soulless dip into the pockets of fans. 734 more words


The Ghosts in the Machine (where fiction and reality collide)

As always, I give you the option to jump ship. I never want to drag anyone on a journey when they may not want to come along. 58 more words

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'Star Trek: Live in Concert' Sets Course for San Diego Comic-Con

The “Star Trek” film franchise is going on tour with a live concert series in May that will dock at San Diego Comic-Con in July. 137 more words


A Mark-Up and Preliminary Thoughts on 00289

General thoughts:

The alternate begins from p. 451. The full line starts at p. 450.


Version Passage: And his greatest revelation comes to him. 2,405 more words

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A Mark-Up and Preliminary Thoughts on 00291

General Thoughts

The alternate continues from pg. 451.

Physical ailments and moral ailments.

In the published version, when S. stumbles, he does not injure himself. He would worry that he would be hurt like Pfeifer and suffer the same fate. 1,166 more words

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A Mark-Up and Preliminary Thoughts on 00290

General Thoughts

The alternate is from pg. 453.

Sola in Danger vs. S. in Danger

The white-bearded man does not flinch. He does not move, sway, or look away from Sola.

2,155 more words
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