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Writers, If You Are Feeling Old…

Here’s an encouraging article for writers via HuffPost:
New Authors, Fret Not. Most Successful Authors Made Their Mark After 30

The headline sums it up but if this topic interests you it’s worth checking out the attached infographic. 74 more words



I’ve been saying for a while that I’d love to re-read the Barry Trotter books.

Yesterday my partner came home with a present, a beautiful new version of the first book. 80 more words


Re-reading Books!

Okay,so the title gives it away,pretty much.

But seriously,books…

Where do I even begin about books? I know I sound like those lovesick people who experience the incapability of expressing how amazing their girlfriend is but books mean… 586 more words

'House Relationships' - Harry Potter.

I came across this, found it rather amusing.

Ravenclaw and Gryffindor are brilliant together. Ravenclaws show Gryffindors a lot of affection, and the Ravenclaw’s interest in their mind flatter the Gryffindor. 850 more words


Quidditch . . . .Do you Play?


Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well I just finished watching this awesome documentary about QUIDDITCH. Real college teams playing it.  Yes playing it for real.  No they don’t fly. 192 more words