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X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

Another update to the X-Men series and one of another thousand I’m sure of comic and super hero movies to come.

I’m not usually a huge fan of super hero movies, frankly I’m getting a little tired of them, with the exception of Batman. 390 more words

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The new J.Law

“I call my mom sobbing all the time … dealing with the repercussions of having no more anonymity. You lose privacy. As much as this is a curse, as stupid as it sounds, to make as much money as I am by doing something that I love, it’s hard not to regret it when you’re being chased by 15 strangers.”

Know your place!

Beware! Technology dictates your existence. Read at caution.

Stars Without Makeup

 Have you ever wanted to see, Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, or Taylor swift without makeup. Well here’s your chance!

Celebrity Trends

Hi Guys, check out these celebrities style and tell me which one you like most in the comments


America's Sweetheart: Julia Roberts... I mean, Jennifer Lawrence

Have you guys seen this interview with Jennifer Lawrence by funny guy Jimmy Fallon? (See, I told you there would be some pop culture on this blog). 81 more words

Pop Culture

One Direction Hits A New Low By Allegedly Getting High On Camera, Just Like These 5 Other Celebs

“Joint lit. Happy Days!” – Louis Tomlinson of One Direction

Sorry to break it to you kid, but today is going to be anything but happy for you… 621 more words