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J-Law's Been Caught With Her Pants Down... Literally!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 72 hours, you’ll be fully aware that various celebrities – the vast majority of them being females – from across the world have had their… 303 more words

Law & Political Issues


So I originally had written around 1,500 eloquent words relatively similar to what you’re about to read, but my writing program’s autosave failed and I lost the entirety of the first draft. 1,569 more words

Words About Existing.

Rainy season

It seems Amsterdam has progressed from summer into autumn already in August this year.

The only consolation I can think of regarding this most unwelcome turn of nature is anticipating the autumn movie premiere roster. 271 more words

Coming Of Age

J. Law <3

Jennifer Lawrence. So inspiring actress. She is really so good and such a personality, you should watch interviews or compilations like this.

The haircut… 41 more words


Jennifer Lawrence Has A New Boyfriend And You'll Never Guess Who


This guy.

This hunk of love meat.

Gwenyth’s gonna freak.

But he doesn’t care.

Because he’s got her.

Full story.

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Lynn Hirschberg's Screen Tests: Jennifer Lawrence

Since today is Jennifer Lawrence’s birthday, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of her interviews with W Magazine for Lynn Hirschberg’s Screen Tests. Enjoy:


Weekly #WCW

To be quite honest, I was hesitant on putting her on here, but after I recently saw another video of her on Jimmy Fallon, I didn’t care. 237 more words