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Mr Turner

Mike Leigh’s biopic of the artist JMW Turner is, in equal parts, gorgeous to look at, amusing to follow and frustrating to understand. Timothy Spall is mesmerising in the titular role, communicating as much through guttural sounds as dialogue and his proud yet shambling gait. 205 more words

Teenage Creativity

One aspect of Matthew Lewis’s ‘The Monk’ that I did not mention yesterday is that this youthful writer loses no opportunity to insert one of his poems or ballads into the text. 526 more words

A Guided Tour of the Met’s Turners With Director Mike Leigh

Director Mike Leigh stood thoughtfully in front of Whalers by J.M.W. Turner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

In the wrenching maritime scene from 1845, a dark shape juts upward in an explosion of foam, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. 1,476 more words

11 Things to Do in New York's Art World Before December 1


Party: OMGala 7.5 at Hair of the Dog

Just because it’s a slow holiday week, let’s spotlight an event near and dear to my heart: OMGala, the semi-regular art writer meetup that’s been going on for the last few years. 977 more words

Mr Turner Review

As he slumps further into his seat, a numbing chill besets a visibly drained man. His eyelids uncontrollably waver between open and closed like a ship’s bow undulating in the sea. 180 more words

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Mr Turner & Mr Turing for Oscars?

This week sees the release of two cracking new movies…. and place a bet that both leading British actors will be seen at the Oscars next April! 280 more words