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This is one of my favorite songs to listen to in the morning to remind me to just brush them haters off.  It’s expected for the haters to hate when you doing it like me dawg.   41 more words


Motivational: "You Cannot Build Anything That Wont Bring A Battle" [WATCH]

It’s yo boy J Mac and check out this motivational compilation made from Ping Pong Studio One  talks about change. We have to change to take it to the next level!   51 more words

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Flyod Mayweather Says He's Better Than Ali. What Do You Think? [VIDEO]

The homie Flyod Mayweather dropped this motivational video on why he feels he is the best fighter to ever do it. He says he has beat all odds. 60 more words


Check Out The Hunger Games: Mockingjay [TRAILER]

It’s yo boy J Mac, from the Madd Hatta Morning Show, checking in.  So i was surfing the net this morining to stay current with events and gossip and I stumbled upon the trailer for… 72 more words

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J-Que, J Mac & Kiotti Invade Vegas For Mayweather VS. Maidana 2 [RECAP]

The homies Kiotti and J Mac and J-Que From the Madd Hatta Morning Show, got a chance to attend the Mayweather VS. Maidana 2 in Vegas this weekend.   342 more words

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Floyd Mayweather SR. Gives J Mac Boxing Tips [LMAO]

It’s Yo boy J Mac checking in and I bumped into the legendary trainer Floyd Mayweather SR. while I was in Vegas for the… 56 more words


Sharpstown High School Food Drive Recap [WATCH]

Check out recap of the food drive 97.9 hosted along with IJustGothit.com and Comcast’s Xfinity last Saturday.  The food drive helped stock the school’s pantry for students who may need a little bit of help finding something to eat, since 90 percent of the students or on a free or reduce lunch program.   55 more words