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Filling the Glass

“I think I’m going to take my time,

                                                                                life is too short

for immortality and its attendant disregards.

I have enough memories now for any weather, 1,009 more words

Writings By Wordsmiths And Others

Casualties of the Fandom: Character Distortion

Ironic how many of my posts begin with discussions with either Professor V.J. Duke, Liam, Head Phil, or Rosalie… No? Nobody even noticed?! 1,096 more words

Feature: Pastime Pleasures #12

Welcome to my  feature, Pastime Pleasures, posted every other Friday. Here I will look at books that have given me great pleasure in the past. These are books I can read over and over again. 290 more words


Pet Door

Reuel dreamed the mortal screams of a cat fight. Frodo and a larger version of Frodo circled each other. Their blood curdling howls rippled through piñon smoke leaking from the fireplace, burning Reuel’s eyes and nose. 2,550 more words


Wednesday's Written Word

Frodo: “He deserves death.”

Gandalf: “Deserves it!  I daresay he does.  Many that live deserve death.  And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them?   31 more words


Dragons: From Primordial Chaos to Fantasy Cliché

Okay, before you rage quit or try to punch me through the internet, I’m not saying that dragons are cliché. I’m saying that they can… 1,052 more words

General World Building

First Liners - How to 'pick-up' on your readers. *wink, wink*

I was tagged in a writing challenge to share the first line in my first three chapters on my work in progress. I chose to share from one of my YA fantasy novels. 597 more words