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#100happydays Day 58

April 15th

We went on a bit of a road trip today. An appointment with the orthodontist meant we had to make a trip to Sligo. 202 more words

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Nothing new under the sun

Today I was going to write about the commercialisation of art and the effect of economic markets on creativity. But I’m far too excited because I just booked tickets to see Postmodern Jukebox on the UK leg of their tour. 552 more words


Dear Friends, this morning I was considering the adaptations of books to films and often how different the two can be.  In particular, the Harry Potter series of J.K.Rowling springs to mind.

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Who was the Lord of the Ring? And Where in Middle-earth was Mordor?

Say what you like about Tolkien, the man didn’t write clunky dialog. It might be heady or a bit much in places, but clunky it was not. 762 more words

~The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis~Book Review~

Before the land of Narnia, there was a place called Charn. Before there was ever a Lucy,Edmund,Susan, and  Peter, there was a Polly and Digory. 446 more words

'Hullo, Sam' - There You Go Bringing Class into it Again!

While the Fellowship continues their march southeast along the western slopes of the Misty Mountains, we’ll finally be moving on to dinner in Rivendell!

Frodo had gone back to sleep after Gandalf’s chat (which we covered… 861 more words