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The Force is Strong With Your New Look at STAR WARS™ #1

I’m pretty excited about Star Wars returning to Marvel and they have wasted no time in lining up some great creators to welcome it home.  Here is a new look at what is coming in 2015! 533 more words


Preview: The Force is Strong With a New Look at Star Wars #1

Lucasfilm Ltd. and Marvel have released a new look at the highly anticipated Star Wars #1the blockbuster new ongoing series welcoming Star Wars… 342 more words


Tasteful Detritus Of The 90's: Thoughts On The Gen 13 Mini Series

Gen 13.

Oh, for god’s sake… Did I use to read this?

I mean, I have positive, Weapon-X style memories of humor and breasts and excellence… But then again that was the nineties: when I read Wizard Magazine like it was the word of John the Baptist, second edition, and Liefeld taught me that men and women were fifteen feet tall with eleven bendable joints in each leg. 403 more words


Welcome Home Star Wars With Epic Launch Parties in January!

Marvel is kicking off 2015 with a bang big enough to destroy a Death Star as Star Wars makes its triumphant return to the House of Ideas and into comic shops on January 14th! 277 more words


Preview: John Carter: Warlord of Mars #1

John Carter: Warlord of Mars #1

Ron Marz (w)
Abhishek Malsuni (a)
J. Scott Campbell, Bart Sears, J.G. Jones (wraparound), Ed Benes, Emanuela Lupacchino (c) 199 more words