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Just a Little Something to Hold You

Attendance at the Seattle premiere of the J Street Challenge at Congregation Ezra Bessaroth exceeded all expectations, with almost 250 in attendance. I am preparing an article with  impressions of the event along with some insights into local efforts to suppress the film which I hope to publish by this Sunday. 76 more words


A Time for Civility in Seattle's Jewish Community

The October 23rd event featuring Israel critic Peter Beinart had garnered the endorsement of not just the standard left leaning organizations but also the imprimatur of Seattle’s Jewish Federation, the much sought after stamp of communal endorsement. 667 more words


Exclusive Interview With The Producer Of The J Street Challenge

A child of holocaust survivors living as refugees in postwar Poland, moving to Israel shortly after its establishment and then moving to New York City, Avi Goldwasser has by any measure lived an interesting life. 5,084 more words


J Street's Absurd Manipulation of Poll Data

J Street is one of the worst offenders I have ever seen when it comes to misrepresenting statistics for political purposes. On election night, it conducted a poll about which it is has published conclusions. 1,040 more words

We Are For Israel

Massacre on J Street

by Adam Kredo
November 5, 2014

Controversial group’s anti-Israel perspective fails to resonate

Political candidates backed by the controversial Middle East advocacy group J Street were trounced at the polls on Tuesday, with J Street’s endorsees losing in almost every competitive race. 309 more words

Israel & Middle East

The Democrats Can’t Afford to Lose Israel

by Daniel Greenfield
November 5, 2014

Jewish leftists keep threatening to break up with Israel. They deliver a list of their demands, scribble nasty things about the Jewish State on social media and even write entire books in which they threaten to break up with it for good, but they never actually move on to stalking some other country. 232 more words

Israel & Middle East

Obama's pressure only begins with Iran

by Richard Baehr
November 4, 2014

In the last few days, it has become clearer that the Obama administration’s ‎obsession over turning Iran into an ally, or at least no longer a foe, is the single ‎highest foreign policy objective for the White House. 396 more words

Israel & Middle East