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Guest post: Why I left J Street

24-year old Ada da Silva was excited and hopeful as she entered the bustling Grand Lobby of the Washington DC Convention Center on March 24th of 2012.  1,248 more words


J Street is No Longer a Home for People Who Believe in Peace

Even as there are many who will roll their eyes and say, “Yes, of course, we knew from the beginning,” there is, for me, still something profoundly difficult and profoundly sad about this moment. 437 more words

To American Jews

While we buried our boys...


Seattle – Even when they try to libel Israel, the Jewish state comes out smelling like a combination of roses and lilacs (with a sprinkle of cinnamon) compared to the foul rank of the Palestinian death cult. 473 more words


A Moving Response from Jeremy Ben-Ami on the Tragic Murder of 3 Innocent Kids

Any murder of innocents is clearly tragic.  No less so for the three Israeli Yeshiva students.  It has captured the hearts of people throughout the world. 931 more words


An FAQ: How To Respond To Common Defenses of Opposition to PCUSA Resolution

There are very legitimate arguments about different kinds of Boycotts, Divestment and Sanction (BDS). Indeed, I have made many

of them myself. This is why I do not consider myself personally connected to the so-called “BDS Movement.” But since the late 1990s I have been advocating for public, economic pressures on Israel to change its policies, because without such pressure it has no reason to do so. 1,912 more words

J Street

Two Jews, three opinions: J Street U and (Open) Hillel

by Amanda Borschel-Dan
June 9, 2014

April saw the first major convergence of the Hillel International, J Street U and Open Hillel constellation. 159 more words

Israel & Middle East

Inside the Presidents’ Conference and the J Street Vote

by Edwin Black
May 30, 2014

This vote was about J Street, and the proportion of the vote, I think, speaks to the fact that this was not one extreme or another. 317 more words