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First Blog Post and Expectations for Class

So this is my first blog post… Not really sure how to start this out, but here we go!

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while, but thanks to my J2150 class at Mizzou, I’ve been… 155 more words


My Journey to Finding A Passion

I’m always scared that one day I won’t have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. My life goal is to find a passion that would light up my way, that I would drop everything just to perfect every little imperfection it might have. 325 more words


Welcome to J2150

Candidly, coming into this class all I wanted was to survive it. When speaking with my peers about classes for this semester the second “J2150” came out of my mouth, the immediate response was, “good luck.” And now that I have been to one lecture and two labs, I understand where the “good luck” statement comes from. 307 more words


Last Days of Summer...

…and first days of stress. 

As I reflect back on the first week of my sophomore year, I can already tell things are going to be different from last year.   216 more words


Multimedia making and the future of journalism

Multimedia journalism class has just begun, and I’m ready to jump in.

In lecture, we learned the things we’d be doing throughout the semester. Video, audio, still photography, editing–things that we’ll need to be successful in modern journalism. 165 more words


The Good Phase

When working towards something, I think it’s common sense to know that you have to work really hard to be the best in what you do. 378 more words


Learning a wordless language

Photography is a language that I have not mastered— I suppose that’s why I’m in this class.

But it is one that I look forward to learning more about. 172 more words