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My rant on a plane

A lot of times I think I’ve done things because I believe I’m supposed to.

Throughout high school, I had this habit of flying under the radar, doing things because I thought I should; volleyball, theater, school, student council, blah blah blah. 271 more words


The Drawbacks of "Diversity"

A lot of schools and businesses claim to see diversity as a good thing — diversity of thought, experience, and most of all, race/ethnicity. However, this rush to include diversity does not take into account its effects on the people hired to fill these positions. 462 more words

I have been taught to grow in

Lily Myers’ “Shrinking Women” was one of the first slam poetry readings I saw.  It opened my eyes to a lot of the things that I do everyday that do not make any sense. 545 more words


Capturing Graffiti

Perhaps perfectly embodying the multimedia story, this narrative details the exploits of graffiti artists who sought to immortalize their work through video. Having taken place in the early nineties, these particular artists hit the scene just as the VHS was making its way into American homes. 295 more words

YouTube Offers New Music Streaming Service

If you’re like me, then you use YouTube to watch music videos, listen to songs before I decide to buy them, or listen to those old hits. 153 more words


Incidents that require a palm to face

Ah, yes. I am back with a laundry list of moments that occurred this week that I sure wish did not.

1. Tripping over a backpack. 145 more words


Mobile Assignment

The mobile assignment taught me that it is important to always allow yourself more time than you think will need. Unfortunately I did not have as much time as I would have liked. 293 more words