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Emotion Creates Sales

I really enjoyed watching the Cole Haan videos.  I think making an advertisement more like a news story is a brilliant idea because it makes the reader more emotionally connected, which I think is important because personally I feel like I am more inclined to buy something that stimulates some kind of emotion in me. 76 more words

Not for the weak of stomach

Okay, I will admit I did use that phrase incorrectly to reel you in, but it worked didn’t it? Sorry to disappoint those blood and guts seekers out there because much to your disappoint…this is another post about me being a socially awkward human being. 503 more words


Beats by Bridget

In the life of Bridget McFerren, having the role as a beatboxer/vocal percussionist in an all-girls a cappella group influences her to become better at perfecting how to beatbox. (00:58)

Until Woman Means Human

A new amendment is up to be voted on in Colorado.  Amendment 67 is also being called the “Personhood” amendment.  This will virtually take away the rights of 2.6 million people. 270 more words


When you wish you were wrong...

So, as I predicted I completely regret having confidence prior to using the video camera. I broke several rules (totally shouldn’t have) because filling sports proved harder than I thought. 122 more words