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Reporting On Ferguson

Last Thursday, I joined the 7450 Reporting class to watch a panel discussing the coverage of the situation in Ferguson hosted by the Annual ONA Meeting in Chicago. 396 more words


The Search for a story

Let’s be real- I’m not good when it comes to story ideas. I struggled in J2100 with this (stormwater and trash, you were not good to me), and I got stuck with dead ends now. 157 more words


Working Hard

This has been very interesting in terms of my multimedia journalism class. I’m starting to realize that I want to become more confident in what I’m doing in J2150. 195 more words


Wheatgrass Shots Anyone?

I am currently in a multimedia Journalism class. For this class, we have to choose a topic to write a story on, and cover it over the course of the semester. 259 more words

Ode to the Tiny Desk Concert

NPR is brilliant, and Tiny Desk Concerts are one of my favorite examples of this. In these short acoustic performances, bands perform three to four songs in the intimate setting of Bob Boilen’s office. 104 more words


What is News?

Sometimes I’m surprised by what large media sites put on their website. Usually I’m on twitter when it comes to knowing what’s going on in the world and when I see these random things on a website (like CNN) I think, “Is it a slow day for news or is this really important for me to know?” So reading the Onion’s article “ 290 more words


Elements of Exceptional Photography Takeaway

After looking at the 16 Elements of Exceptional Photography, I think that we try to incorporate many of them when we take a photo, without even realizing that we are doing so. 307 more words