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Beats by Bridget

In the life of Bridget McFerren, having the role as a beatboxer/vocal percussionist in an all-girls a cappella group influences her to become better at perfecting how to beatbox. (00:58)

Until Woman Means Human

A new amendment is up to be voted on in Colorado.  Amendment 67 is also being called the “Personhood” amendment.  This will virtually take away the rights of 2.6 million people. 270 more words


When you wish you were wrong...

So, as I predicted I completely regret having confidence prior to using the video camera. I broke several rules (totally shouldn’t have) because filling sports proved harder than I thought. 122 more words


Pen and paper is the way to go.

I’ve always been the person who writes down their notes with pen and paper. From middle school through high school, I was raised only being allowed to write notes down with pen and paper and I’m sure majority of public school systems don’t allow laptops as a substitution to pen and paper. 369 more words

Multimedia Story Sends Viewers to Haiti

As this week’s assignment was to find an example of multimedia journalism and respond to it, I first started by googling examples of multimedia.

An article chronicling the rebuilding of Haiti years after the earthquake that crippled the country stopped me. 291 more words