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The wedding banquet at Medan was scheduled to be held on 9th October. EGG, Tiwi and I reached four days earlier to tie up any loose ends, while the rest of the family were to fly over only on the 8th. 267 more words



Loneliness is when you cooked a meal* for five people but are the only one at home.

Hey why ain’t nobody home yet???

*rice, soup, vegetables, fish and curry


July, August, September 2014

What, it’s mid-October already??!


July was somewhat a five-week month and I spent the bulk of it struggling with juggling two jobs. Everyday I found myself in doubt, wondering how I am to survive two more months of working seven days a week. 299 more words



Jambo everyone :)

This is just a quick update about our explorations into poetry. On National Poetry Day we heard the nation’s favourite children’s poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat‘ by Edward Lear and also the fourth favourite ‘Jabberwocky‘ by Lewis Carroll. 266 more words


My mind is not my own

Surely, I can do better than this?

I’m back from EGG and Tiwi’s wedding banquet held in Medan, Indonesia and it was hands down the most epic trip I’ve ever had. 26 more words


Not something to be proud of


When outside, I have as much control over my bladder as Billy Pilgrim has over time.

And it’s killing me.

Stupid anxiety just go away, why won’t you? :(


Tales From The Tulgy Wood: Satire

Imagine, if you will, that the denizens of the Tulgy Wood, in Lewis Carroll’s famous poem, have been turned into the vile and variegated members of a bottom set English class being, as it were, taught the poem of their adventures. 867 more words