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Shut the lights and go to sleep

What is a lighthouse if it isn’t fixed by the sea?


Interstellar was a good movie with stunning visuals. Space travel stuff never fails to give me the creeps, yet amaze the crap out of me. 42 more words


Imagine, if you will...

Alice: “Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Mad Hatter: “That is an excellent practice.”

-Alice and Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

When is the last time you used your imagination? 371 more words


Snips & Snaps

There’s something therapeutic about watching cakes being iced, pots being thrown and dominoes being toppled. Is that just me, or do you guys feel it too? 130 more words


Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

Because this newbie still doesn’t know how to use Illustrator and InDesign, she drew it out.

This design has been revolving in my head for some time now. 216 more words


Reciting "Jabberwocky"

I memorized the poem “Jabberwocky” from Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking Glass¬†when I was in the fifth grade. I’m not sure what inspired me except that I loved the language and understood every word, even the words that are not technically words. 835 more words

War Stories