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Love of Frost

Crystalline forms move through the expanding shadows
Brilliant light is reflected on the dark, wet walls of the cave
Alone she sits, meditating, calling to these elemental creatures, 322 more words


First we had nice weather, then it got cold, rainy and snowy again. Ah, spring. But as I left for work one morning, I had the most amazing frost pattern all over my car windows. 80 more words

Creative Life

Jack Frost - Erisaniru

Cosplayer: Erisaniru
Character: Jack Frost
From: Rise of the Guardians


Fairy entry: Jack Frost

An Elf like creature originating in Norse tales, Jack Frost is the embodiment of the crisp, cold winter air. As such, he often goes around in the very early morning both creating the fern like ice structures on windows and leaves, as well as painting the leaves red and brown.  18 more words


NaPoMo Day 4 (another love poem)


(another love poem)


i stand here
watching the moon rise
through the window
with the winter frost & its spirally designs
here’s only a small section of window untouched… 54 more words

FIC: Jack/Elsa - Coffee Shop

I DON’T LIKE THIS FIC AT ALL I HATE IT ACTUALLY I RUINED WHAT I HAD IN MIND I’M SUCH AN IDIOT I WANT TO CRY but i’m posting this anyway cause i wasted potential studying time on it so it’d be a waste if i didnt. 1,302 more words