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Marrying the Road

My essay on the call of the road as revealed by The Motorcycle Diaries and On the Road, two modern road-trip classics. In DNA.


Film About Famous Rockstar Ends With Surprising Drug-Addled Death

Middle-aged hippy Bob Guy watched a movie about his favourite rockstar recently, titled “Rockstar: The Journey”. He is reported to have liked it, although he was very surprised when the main character developed a drug addiction which spiralled out of control and led to a tragically early and unglamorous death. 368 more words


kerouac's "observations"

What more do I want but a meal when I am hungry, or a bed when I am weary,
or a rose when I am sad? 381 more words


Dear _____________________

Dear Netanyahu,
Thank you. You’ve reminded me of my capacity to experience immense rage.
Mark Chmiel

Dear Frenchwell,
Thank you for passing on the wisdom and skill… 374 more words

No Time For Poetry But Exactly What Is

Too-huge World

“What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain They till you see specks dispersing Their? – It’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. 18 more words


A Short Story

At Abi Portillo’s request, I’m posting this story I wrote 8 years ago.

Dialing Home
by Pauline Lacanilao

The graffiti-streaked bathroom stalls were a hospital green left over from the seventies, and the smell of Windex was burning her nostrils. 2,358 more words

Pauline Lacanilao