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What A Difference An Arrangement Makes! Lonesome Traveler Two Ways

Songs are strange animals. Little chameleons. Remarkable how differently they behave in different outfits. It’s pretty rare to find a song that, no matter how you arrange it, it always sounds fundamentally the same. 568 more words

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2014 Gift Guide: For your road trip-loving boyfriend

For your flannel-wearing, road trip-loving boyfriend who is always up for a spontaneous adventure and knows exactly which gas station stocks the good kind of gummy bears. 216 more words


Day Sixteen: "How Long" - The Tower & The Fool

Have you ever listened to a critically acclaimed album only to walk away slightly unimpressed? It happens to me quite often. More often than not, though, I encounter the opposite: I fall head-over-heels in love with an album that isn’t that exactly well-received. 230 more words


Day's 15 & 16 - 'Fat Swedes, Hurricane Hannah & cash point roulette'

Friday 24th October

We’d only given Isla Mejures one night to impress, but woke early with a stubborn determination to ‘get the fuck out of the place.’ We didn’t even take advantage of the free breakfast. 2,103 more words

Titles 101: Choosing Engaging Names for Creative Work

Recently, I finished a chapbook of poetry, and while titling each individual poem was something I had been doing for years, drawing together a collection with a cohesive and interesting name was new for me. 510 more words

What's in a name?

So, you ask, where did the name of my blog come from?  Recently, I decided to revisit one of my favourite books, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, … 284 more words

Jack Kerouac

let's talk about Pipe

Hong Kong:

The Pipe is on.

Everybody working in the hotel is a slave to blank-minded tourists and low wages – tourists hypnotised by the luminous glitter of their phones for hours as they sit flicking through the days’ selfies, photos taken by Iphones attached to the end of retractable wands – this is me walking, me talking, me looking, me posing, me here and me there – my movie of me. 668 more words