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The Evolutionary Patterns of Homo Superior

You know what’s missing from Marvel comics these days? It’s not just the feeling of permanence in the storytelling or the overall quality in the product they put out on a monthly basis. 181 more words


Journey Into Mystery #83: Whosoever shall hold this hammer!

If there’s a link to be drawn between a few of the protagonists in the early Marvel comics 616 continuity, it’s that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby often draw a line straight down the middle of their hero between the ego and alterego. 266 more words


The Fantasticast Episode 102: Fantastic Four #88 - A House There Was

Disparaging The Words Of Clark Griswold

Hello, and welcome to episode 102 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four. 227 more words

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Review-a-day: Fantastic Four (1961-1998) #48

And so we have come to the end of the very first appearance of the Inhumans as a group. With two strong issues and one I complained about enough yesterday behind us, how will this concluding issue hold up? 557 more words

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The Hero Initiative and Read Comics in Public Challenge

Back in August, I was challenged by Peter Rios to read comics in public in honor of Jack Kirby’s birthday as a way to support the Hero Initiative. 275 more words


Was Hank Pym Marvel’s Afterthought?

Journey Into Marvel - Part 56

Extremites, Ant-Man since his creation has felt like a pathetic attempt to get readers. From his early character changes to the lack of decent storylines… 1,355 more words


Review-a-day: Fantastic Four (1961-1998) #47

What a difference a month manes. I’m not sure what exactly happened between issues 46 and 47, but… The previous two issues were so good. I was really looking forward to this issue, but almost one page one things started to just fall apart. 644 more words

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