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THE PURGE! Part the Fourth: Letting Go

It’s funny, but the deeper I get into the Great Funnybook Purge, the easier it’s becoming to let go. I may have mentioned last time that I was pricing out my Alan Moore Swamp Thing run. 1,131 more words


Adventure 90 - Sandman and the Sleepy Time Crimes

Some of Jack Kirby’s best art on his Sandman run is in Adventure 90 (Feb-March 1944).   It’s not a bad story either.  At a society dinner, Wes and Sandy and all the rest of the guests fall asleep in the middle of the meal, and wake up to discover they have been robbed. 149 more words

Adventure 87 - Sandman helps a narcoleptic

I’m trying not to include every single Simon and Kirby Sandman story in this, but once again here is one that must be written about, from Adventure 87 (Aug-Sep 43). 99 more words

Adventure 85 - The best Golden Age Sandman story

In my eyes, the crowning glory of this run is Adventure Comics 85, (April, 1943), “The Unholy Dreams of Gentleman Jack.”  On the cover, it’s “The Amazing Dreams…”, but Unholy is a much better word. 197 more words

Adventure 84 - Sandman vs the Circus and Mike Gibbs, Guerilla begins

Great cover to Adventure 84 (March 1943).  Shame it has no real connection to the story, which pits Sandman and Sandy against a travelling circus where the performers are also thieves. 197 more words

Adventure 82 - Sandman vs Santa Claus!

The Sandman story in Adventure 81 (Jan 43), “Santa Fronts for the Mob” was reprinted in a DC Christmas with the Super-Heroes special in the mid-70s, and so was the first Sandman story I ever read, and possibly my first exposure to Jack Kirby’s art.  129 more words

Review: Infinity Man and the Forever People #2

Title: Infinity Man and the Forever People #2

Publisher: DC Comics

Cost: $2.99

Storytellers: Keith Giffen and Dan Didio (writers) with Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish (artists) 311 more words