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Some Like it Hot

This is in my top five favourite films of all time.  It’s hard to say why it’s so popular, it just is.
From the amazing cast, to the priceless moments throughout the film, it all speaks for itself. 55 more words


Feeling Italian

I love Italy. I love Italians. Everybody writes about them, including me. Sometimes it comes out like stereotypical dribble, and all I hear is people saying, “A-pasta pizza Pinocchio pie!” like in Charlie Brown cartoons when the parents talk. 1,553 more words

#80 - The Apartment

            Billy Wilder’s 1960 comedy-drama, The Apartment, is an excellent film and was a great follow up after Some Like it Hot. The film revolves around C.C. 372 more words

Doris Day

I wanted to write a review about one of Doris Day’s film to celebrate her 90th brithday this week but instead I’m blogging about her and her films. 444 more words


The Odd Couple

In this quirky 60s comedy, two men whose marriages have recently ended live together as they get back on their feet. This don’t go to plan, however, as domesticated Felix (Jack Lemmon) starts to aggravate Oscar (Walter Matthau) who prefers a more relaxed approach to housekeeping. 243 more words


Daily Comedy 3.29.14

Mister Roberts-Jack Lemmon

    Ensign Pulver meets the Captain after 14 months at sea together .

Daily Comedy

082 - The Apartment (1960)

Ten years pass as I follow Roger Ebert’s spirit down the The Great Movies rabbit hole and arrive in 1960 for Billy Wilder’s The Apartment